Magic Talk and Appointed Speech

They know the will of God. No exceptions. Who are they? God’s children. They do the will of God. Humanity excepted. Who are they? God’s created works. They void God’s will. The chosen included. Who are they? Religious people.

Teaching is not magical. If we do not read we should not recite. Teaching is not the gift of gab, and if one gets excited about preaching (as announcement) and speaking in tongues then one needs urgently to “scope” this article.

Every Christian is a well of salvation, an anointed vessel. If that is where we start our “talk” then we ought to realize that the ministry of teaching is a secondary gift, it being subject to the Holy Spirit, the superlative gift.

Believers do not need any teaching help. The goal of teaching is knowledge, and that we understand as familiarity and intimacy. People anointed by Christ learn his ways without a middle man. In this regard preaching the gospel is called foolishness. Teaching, being second level activity, can have no greater commendation. Things a preacher might say to all that send the mind hurtling are of the same kind as kingdom matters to the unsaved (even though one might be a church member of many decades years).

But the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no lie—just as it has taught you, abide in him. 1 John 2:27

Pretty soon, there will be an announcement “Everything is holy” and people who have dedicated their lives to holy food, drink, garments, oil, incense, water, locations, countries, buildings, and land, will find themselves dying in the wilderness.

The diversity sleight of hand miscalculated

The diversity element in the modern social context is designed to dull the voices calling for a radical undoing of the desecration of native life in Australia, Asia, Africa and North America. Israel was commissioned to participate in the reconfiguration of Canaan for Israelite residence. We can see what a severe test it was to enact a genocidal plan. If only the Jewish people and the colonial powers could convince everyone that they do respect all people, that culture is more than food and drink and costume, that male and female are more than simple criteria for discriminating, then we would have a party.

No one but Muslims are on the prowl to for genocide is not true

Muslim needs for the space to grow and be productive in society are not so different from anyone else’s. The growth and participation seems to show up when there is a tragedy or a national observance.

That party is not happening everybody wants a wall. People are duped into thinking that something other than bigotry, fear, malice and poor hospitality is driving people to have a great wall like China, ancient Babylon and Israel. Some bewitching has to have taken place for a once intelligent and connected entity to want to be alone in his room and all the peoples into wall-construction ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Magic talk does not work here

Let’s remind everyone that the current shape of Palestine was funded by Iranian money. It was a Persian government sent the Jews back to rebuild Jerusalem and Judea. Now they are at each other’s throats as if they never were in bed together. Open hostility between the branches of Abraham’s family tree tells us that the so-called family-values touted by religious people are often smokescreens.

I just heard the chief buffoon talk about human remains being laid to rest in sacred American soil. That line may resonate with a certain dark place, but the murder of innocents, the oppression of the poor means, and America’s pride in its racist foundation means there is not one sacred spot in the land. American lives are no more valuable than any other. America is a Russian province as certainly as God gave Israel and Judah into the hands of Assyria and Babylon respectively.

The common interest

Everything is do-able! Is that not what certain Christians have been conditioning themselves to believe?

Everything is respectable! Is that not what certain Christians have been conditioning themselves to believe?

Everything is special! Is that not what certain Christians have been conditioning themselves to believe?

When the powers that be legislate or decree something we evaluate it with God’s instructions and we approve or disapprove. When the powers that be adopt biblical positions what can we expect? Life or death?

After 2000 years we ought to be certain that no-one is speaking human nature, human rights, or human success into existence nor is there anyone soeakung the common human trails out of existence. No-one should be fooled by people who decree things for which God has no decree. A lot of prophetic utterances are utterly ridiculous and contra-cross.

So what happens when we discover that our governments and churches (mosques and synagogues too) are planning to enforce what looks like biblical principles?

If it is biblical law that dominates, will there be executions? Yes, and without Christ’s approval.
Who will decide when the guilty go free? Infallible officers.

Who will give life to the dead?