When prophets suck

The prophet is not a robot. He was sensitive to God’s voice where other people were deaf. He had messages for priest, king and prophet. Prophets can be found standing firmly for the covenant and the traditions but it is quite another thing to see them being corrected by God.

Why does God not immediately fire a prophet when his work goes off the rails? After all, prophets were expected to be accurate or risk execution.

  1. God is not in the “gotcha” business
  2. Prophets needed the mediation of the priesthood (Israel was a kingdom of priests, not prophets)
  3. The offices of both priest and prophet get diffused by the prophetic and priestly functions of every believer

Sucky trails

Prophets suck whenever their messages fail the apostolic test. Since the prophets of old lost their authority when John the Baptist came onto the scene we know that it is because there is a new foundation. Christ precludes any contradiction from the ancient prophets to confuse by building his church on apostolic witness. Whatever greatness there was in the prophetic realm we have to recognize that the trail ends. Noone is under any obligation and to follow any prophet. Spokespersons who dare to put law beside grace – some put law above grace by rejecting the fact that the cross alone represents God’s righteous judgment – are imposters.

  1. John saw the Lamb of God
  2. The apostles saw the glory of God, full of grace and truth.
  3. The disciples of Moses and the disciples of the prophets were hostile to the Lamb from the day he was born
  4. All of Christ’s disciples recognize that all gifts and functions get their efficacy from the apostolic witness.
  5. Every attitude and act of service is now subject to Christ and the cross not to Moses and the law.

Idolatrous suckers

Let us recall that John was in vision, amazed by what the angel was showing him and twice attempted to worship the angel (Rev. 19:10, 22:8-9). We are in no less risk than John for elevating messengers of any kind.

We are all prophets, all priests, and there is only one amazing fountain of truth: the Lord Messiah Yeshua. There is only one amazing measuring stick for the conduct of our messaging: the words of the eyewitnesses.

It does not take much inquiry to see why so much of today’s junky messaging comes from either the law (entire Old Testament) or from people wanting to be seen as authorized, who are only in the shallowest sense familiar with and committed to the gospel. Yeshua identifies them as thieves and robbers.

Neither Gospel nor Kingdom

Today’s prophets are the channels of the most harmful practices in church history. They spue the most vicious lies and use deceitful gimmicks to trap careless disciples. When a messenger sucks up proverbs and commands and tries to spit them out as either gospel bedrock or kingdom patterns someone should blow the trumpet.

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