Do not say a word

Queen or nothing

Today is Women’s Day, a time to reflect on how poorly societies have treated women and girls.  Many people will have a lot to say and many will recognize their role and zip their lips.  The least all can do is be sorry and tell the truth.  Religious people  especially should hesitate before mouthing the same old soundbytes about the roles of women.

The zip and the lip

Celebrate the dignity of  women in concrete terms.  Let us insist that data about violence against women and girls and the information about unpaid work are collected and made available to reliable agencies.  Let us not merely encourage women to ask for change or ourselves count the size of protests and marches on this day or any other.

Old and new religious movements and many jurisdictions are still comfortable keeping the data about women to themselves.  Making real progress towards the righful place of women as top level partners with God and participants in every sphere and level of human functionality.