Yesterday and today’s company

With or without historic awareness you are who you are. With or without friends and supporters we will go to our crosses and glory. Yesterday is definitely gone and friends come and go with the weather.

God does not need aces, he makes ’em in order to establish good graces.

Amen’s premium

When you have something seismic to say be very happy if the amen is both unsolicited and scarce. Be aware that people say amen even when they know what they are hearing is false or at least questionable.
It took Paul 14 years to put his personal and professional achievements and aspirations behind him. Growth takes time.
It will take time – away from the popular sloganeering and traditional hubbub – to settle into the excellence of Christ as compared to what we were and had.

Quick fix?

No story of how God revealed any truth to me will erase the gap between us and the elevated Christ or end the growth of His disciples. No miracle we have experienced can shortcircuit the growth that grace initiates.
Amen can be sounded by clapping, standing, and by raising a hand. Amens are happening more often than we imagine. Not only do we need to avoid mentally encouraging nonsense, we also need to drop the curtain on speakers who are saying nothing that deserves assent. I am perfectly comfortable zipping my lips when the crowd is loud and excited.
Amen is too precious to waste.

It will take time. No hurry. No waste.