Too close for comfort and too false for living

Ephesians 6:12 tells us that:

… our struggle is not against flesh and blood (human individuals), but

  1. Against the rulers,
  2. Against the authorities,
  3. Against the cosmic powers over this present darkness,
  4. Against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Many believers have taken a position that looks like humility and conscientious cooperation with all entities in authority. In the current climate of government handouts to charitable organizations one can imagine that government has infiltrated our places of worship. There is not enough money to provide deterrent security for churches, mosques, and who knows what else.

Guess how close to battle comforts we have come? When did I last see or run into (a) a ruler or (b) an authority (c) a cosmic power or (d) a spiritual force of evil in the heavenly places?

Light years separate us.

How often have we

Next to never

• τὰς ἀρχάς

• τὰς ἐξουσίας

• τοὺς κοσμοκράτορας τοῦ ⸀σκότους τούτου

• τὰ πνευματικὰ τῆς πονηρίας ἐν τοῖς ἐπουρανίοις.

It is because they seek that authority for themselves that they do so. They want priestly power, and they want the power to punish heterodoxy. When there is no exegesis of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament people invent visions and work out times and seasons, and try to enforce compliance with their views.

Much of the deliverance ministry wave and the in the we got the true church/groups are mostly people who are not interested in the proper interpretation of the scriptures.

Power over demons and other distinctions as food and marriage are good sign that there is nothing going on between Christ and the powerbrokers.

We are proving that we are standing near the sun but no heat has been able to reach us.