The egg, wall, king’s horses and men

If you have not noticed, all the powers on the planet are  mired in their own excreta.  Every claim of sovereignty is upended by rabbit holes, misinformation and rewritten history.  Trusted clergy, notaries public, judges, and representatives of the people at all levels are showing how easily they can be bought and sold.  Adoption, abortion, and anthropology are not subjects that require science, much less rocket science.  Neither is migration. They are not matters of extraordinary faith, but of a simple or childlike faith and rudimentary decency. Abortion and border policies come from the same uncaring pit of malice and ruthlessness.

Birth alone is the measure of identity

Are those conservative theologians going to circumcise their children before they leave their mothers’ wombs?  Why are there people registering their chickens before they are hatched?  Is that pre-registering what the stock market is all about? American exceptionalism has fallen off the wall, and we are watching frantic and futile attempts to mend the cracked egg.  The disappointing silence of the watchmen who are supposed to be on Zion’s walls cannot be described without superlatives because sonship, adoption, circumcision, naming, and only those groveling in juvenile visions, types and illusions will not see how empty and diabolic the plot of evangelicals to get their hands of the levers of government.  Even with a cloak of academic and miraculous accolades abortion, national security, and common sense are mere fig leaves.

Conscientious to condemn and courageous to compromise

Stupid is not a label we throw around lightly, but when we look at how the United States Supreme Court has been constituted we recognize that men of good conscience are rare indeed, and it is men of good conscience who vote for officials who the electorate expects to conduct themselves as men of good conscience. All nobility is compromised when money floats in the air. When so many of the persons on the front lines of justice and goodness turn out to be tainted in character, to be people who have made not merely made poor judgments in a case or two, but turn out to be rooted in malice and committed to injustice, men who flip flop between loyalty to law and support of insurrection, we are sure the egg is not being repaired in our lifetime, if ever. Forget conscience. The watchmen lack even the basic courage to defend all the people behind the walls.

Begotten, conceived and born

We know that abortion is a well-dressed pig, because a person is neither baptized nor circumcised until they leave the womb.  We also know that the communities into which people are born do  not recognize new members until a rite of passage (such as bar mitzvah) takes place.  It is no secret that it was not until a male of the tribe of Levi (those entrusted with the service that bound the tribes together) in ancient Israel reached thirty years that he was considered eligible (Numbers 4:1-3).  We also know that conception is not birth yet more and more Christians are using the term “born again” to describe the current experience of divine salvation and adoption, even when it is obvious that we have been begotten by grace through faith, are indeed sons of God now, and only the most deluded would want to deny that the Holy Spirit is given as a deposit of glory.   If you think that the religious intelligentsia are going to confess that they have soiled their undergarments with idolatrous and covetous doctrines of anthropology and salvation, pinch yourself.

Sons of God in the age to come

Sonship does have a defining crown when this age is over.  So in all our passionate defence of the unborn we stumble over the facts of human life, soil our garments with delusions of the divine process of adoption. We make ourselves like the fruit squeezed by human hands to appear ripe before its time. There are no grown up kids. Maturity cannot be faked or legislated. Israel’s first and second kings were thirty years old when they began their reigns (1 Samuel 13:1, 2 Samuel 5:4). Is that why God kept Jesus under wraps until he was thirty years. The Born again slogans and rhetoric are not helpful. Are those thirty years pictures of why we believers spend a lifetime as begotten of God to be born in the age when He gives us new bodies? You think about that!

He has commanded you

Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, which the Lord your God commanded to teach you, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go to possess it:

Deuteronomy 6:1

This turning point of Moses’ leadership is aimed at LIFE IN CANAAN (LIC), and includes the essential statement of Judaism. It also states Israelite obligations with devastating clarity. The personal responsibilies were to do the CSJ (commands, statutes, and judgments), to take possession of Canaan, and to keep (guard) in an attitude of reference the CSJ.

“Ya gotta love” might have been the end of exhortation. Let’s face the fact that Moses was not commanding things that did not exist to become reality. He was stating expectations. It gets complicated when God’s uniqueness rises to the top of the confidence list. I mean the Shema which puts on blinders about how many gods have been part of Israel’s experience up to the Deuteronony turning point (and since).
The Shema calls for attention: hear, there is one God. It does not say “Israel has had one god; that’d be a false report.

When did he command you?

What Israel had to do to have the Life in Canaan as promised are alien to the viability of Abraham’s family.
Is it slightly schizophrenic to embrace the Shema as a statement of faith without hearing what God’s spokesperson – it is not Moses or the prophets- has said?

Can neighbour be reduced to “partners in fables” or battered out of shape with the cyclical bloodbath of animal blood? Christians have more commands than Jews and face no risk of condemnation, exile or deportation. God has commanded repentance.

Leadership under scrutiny

The company of believers who wrestle with authority pales in comparison with the number of us who blindly. The pendulum swings between being loyal moments and tuning out, not between perfect relationships and no business with God. There is no room in relationships for claims of ultimate authority. We have noticed that leaders who strive to ensure loyalty to themselves are often people who do not understand leadership and would quickly be exposed as shallow and deserving of professional scrutiny.

When scrutiny came to the door of the priesthood (Numbers 16:11) Yahweh had a swift response: wipe the plate and turn it facedown.

Therefore it is against the Lord that you and all your company have gathered together. What is Aaron that you grumble against him?

Is this not also a rejection of authoritarian elitist rule? Who really was Aaron, that he should be the object of concern or respect? Would you follow a man or woman who told you a piece of metal was your saviour?

  1. Aaron did not bring the Hebrews out of Egypt
  2. Aaron led the worship of the golden calf.

Not really in touch

Many Christians are following a levitical policy when they bend to every slogan, and enjoy every whooping and hollering preacher/teacher. Our leaders are not highpriests; many have little to show that they have been with Christ. The outcome of the three years our apostolic fathers spent with the Saviour and our decades of “Holy Spirit” guidance can be likened to eating corn on the cob versus eating corn-fed calf.

Levitical counterfeit

Levites were literate. They inherited their office and had no land inheritance. The economic system provided food and clothing for the Levites. Tithing was the means. The church of God is neither Levitical nor Sinaitic. The church God is a priesthood, and our leaders are slowminded and uninformed because they think that disguising the clergy as levitical works glorifies God. Many leaders believe that Sinai covers everything. Most believers know this is false.

The counterfeit works for people who inquire the least and say “yes” to authority, even when the authority shows every sign of being light years away from the everfresh gospel.

All the spiritual manifestations and shenanigans – prophesy, speaking in tongues, miracles, and exorcisms – do not amount to a molehill when the goal and strategy depart from the doctrines and practice of gospel light. Gospel light is in Yeshua’s face and in the words of his founding stones.

Are we ready to demand a zipped lip the next time someone demands 10% of my earnings? Maybe not, but when churches charge people with robbing God the light years between truth and mistake is clear. Next time there is an urgent need in one of the families (do not even think of doing this for the normal needs) try asking your tithing church to chip in a few hundred dollars and see how your leaders melt like wax near fire.

Doesn’t anyone dare ask “Where does Yeshua say what you just said?” Maybe not, but nothing else matters. There is no guarantee that commentaries and books will deliver the truth to our seeking minds or shield us from the flood or earthquake. Only the teaching (sayings) of Christ can do that.

Levitical leadership is outdated and practically irrelevant because levitical practice and its laws represent the childish and incarceration phase of humanity’s journey.

Have you not heard them saying “the law saves after Lamb’s blood does”.

Now if perfection had been attainable through the Levitical priesthood (for under it the people received the law), what further need would there have been for another priest to arise after the order of Melchizedek, rather than one named after the order of Aaron? For when there is a change in the priesthood, there is necessarily a change in the law as well. Hebrews 7:11-12