The Rights We Give Up

Cannabis has been in the news with an innovative edge. The government of Canada has legislated that cannabis be available without penalty for recreational use by adults. This is a landmark move. The United States had arbitrarily put a plant on the list of banned substances and created decades of misery and oppression. Thousands of people have criminal records for using a plant that God designed for human happiness. Thousands have led productive and sustainable lives with both casual and regular use over those same decades. In an age when governments are forced to accede to popular propositions cannabis is now approved for medical and recreational use in many jurisdictions. While the US is mired in its bigoted federal opposition to a handful of states’ decriminalization Canada is set to break ground with federal legislation rolling out across the dominion in October 2018. The health concerns and plans to criminalize pot use have gone to ridiculous lengths to create a cash cow for governments and seek for a foothold to maliciously intimidate users.

God’s pot never needed a politician or a doctor

I will celebrate the non-criminal use of pot but not without a resolute SCREW YOU to the police, medical experts, and the religious bigots who think they have found respectively an excuse to intimidate innocent citizens with functional (not impairment or intoxication) roadside tests and extreme criminal penalties (hah!), a reason to prevent young people from abusing the plant (what produce or product have people not abused with government happily watching?), and a sin against God (for using one of his designated plants).

Medical professionals had 5 decades at least to be proactive and productive instead of joining with the biased police operative turned MP and floating a wide range of alarmist suppositions.

Religious people have been turning over the keys of spirituality to government with destructive effect in nearly every case. We have seen government taking over the lead on matters that have been the subject of divine revelation, and Christians especially will sell the shop for a few handouts of temporary fixes from the government, as if they can forget that every government will singe every religious backside in its drive to be supreme).

People know:

(the police are the last people we want with their finger on our well-being, they have not prevented the slide into violence-soaked neighbourhoods and members of the medical profession  have sold themselves to serve the golden calf of public safety)

  • Canada’s legal pot is not a recognition of 5 decades of despicable drug policy copied from the stiffnecked US. Where is the apology for terrorizing pot users?
  • Canada’s legal pot just happens to be a cop-inspired recognition of safety. (do NOT laugh)
  • Canada’s legal pot is a slap in God’s face. Cannabis sativa is not a human invention.
  • Canada’s legal pot delivery is a disgusting patchwork of White Anglo-Saxon bigotry.

I am sorry to say a demon may not have inspired the Canadian decrim law but the forces of evil and atheism seem to have a firm grip on the pot market and people-control factors.

There is too much sleight of hand and distraction in this national policy. I am not a fan of these modern Merlins

Thanks to the Right Hon. Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada

Grow Happiness! It is the right thing to do.