Cheers! Raise a chalice!

“I shall lift up the cup of salvation And call upon the name of the Lord.” (Psalms 116:13, NASB)

This seems to be the call of the saved.  “Cup of salvation” signifies a toast for the experience.  One does not take the cup to get saved, one drinks to recall and memorialize, repeatedly, as indicated by the imperfect tense of נשא, nasa, אשא. essa

It ought to be apparent cup experience that this does not call for raising a literal cup as in the communion service when one wants to memorialize Salvation. It should mean primarily that Christ as Saviour is the savour or flavour of our praise. Why shouldn’t Christ be the centre of upward praise?

Winning by a lot – just another lie from the golf course

It is reported that the golfer has stopped looking at the only process for confirming the people’s will in the 2020 election – the counting  – yet he tweeted “I WON BY A LOT” or something like that.  Truth be told, his crooked ways have apparently caught up with him and the warm truth of decency has closed the holes on him.


While the golfer was winning by a lot the people of the United States were winning back the office of the president by electing for the first time a 77 year old devoted public servant and senator.  The 46th president will have a dedicated public servant as Vice President.  Legacy is in the making.

I imagine even the balls refused to cooperate with the golfer and stole his holes