Digital age and virtual jitters

People have wanted to be more like machines than we would like to admit.  Our bodies,  invented by no known human or extraterrestrial, have their way of resisting assaults and repairing breaches,  and we have not been as willing as Eve and Adam were to ingest remedies.  Applying “oil and wine” seemed just fine until someone discovered the enhanced effects of potions and pills.  Today, in the age of full-fledged pharmaceutical abuse and use, it is highly questionable how eating the fruit of the knowing good and evil tree can be worse than being tracked by implanted microchips.

They thought they had a solution to a non-existent problem; nudity when dressed

What do people have to hide?  The technologically empowered companies and experts know way more about us than we were, as a people, willing to disclose a few decades ago.   We give them and their typically unknown partners  information they, acting badly or not,  can use to help or hurt us.  Access to the phone’s location, to its microphone, camera and contact list come from a set of invitations into sacred domains.

When all else fails brink bleach.  (A presidential recommendation in 2020)

The last time you let 24 hours slip by without using the web you demonstrated your freedom

Repetition and memory: devilish twins

The video posted below has a carefully planned (a) opening line (b)  strategic repetition and (b) no recommendation except non-cooperation.  What one is likely to remember is what was repeated.  What one is likely to believe is what one remembers.  What are you likely to trust: stuff you remember, stuff you choose, or stuff suggested by repetition, or stuff you have followed robotically?

Fear of digital: the end or the beginning?

A pig in a poke or good news

  1. Financial systems
  2. Vaccine tracking
  3. Control lost/given
  4. Freedom treasured
  • Being tracked by a friend is good
  • Injecting material to save life is good
  • A trade blackout is to be expected when one is part of the system (buying and selling)
  • Choosing who or what to worship takes is a personal choice

The mark of the beast is neither the insertion of a chip nor the acceptance of a vaccine nor giving permission to track to government or another entity.

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of people gathering up virtually today who swore that they hated the digital world or were computer illiterate. Without absolute user control of the storage or discarding of the record of a virtual meeting the accountability required for corporate entities disappears. We are justified in being concerned about the quality and security of virtual reality and our jitters have only just begun, against the loss of interactivity, intimacy, and genuine fellowship which, as we learn from Christ includes the whole person, not a virtual person.