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The 45th president was and still is a despicable brat, unprincipled even in business, which was his livelihood, and a proven liar. Those who admire him are a generation of vipers, xenophobes and fly-by-night warriors for justice and truth.

Do today’s intellectual minds want us to see every pastor as a theologian  and exegete, even though most of what they do is tell us what the Bible says and not what it means? 
Far too many do not read well enough to ensure our congregants have even a surface understanding of the Bible’s content.

Do you want to hear us  say that every prime minister is a very decent human being and every head of state is a kind and gentle spirit.

You know full well that believers do not hate any one, no matter how many times a psalmist might sing that he does.

Give us a break please.

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Death and its forgettable medium

Complete with basement grammar and threats

There will come a time when all who supported the New World Order of Globalist and Capitalist will have buyers remorse. Owners of Freedom now has to buy it back with a price; their life, their dignity and their respect.

I remember a saying “freedom comes with a price”, “there is a price to pay for freedom ” and “nothing in this world is for free”. Well the Capitalist and the Globalist are making sure humanity walk that talk.

Be careful what you keep repeating, you will end up living.

BREAKING: From September 13, New South Whales residents that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be given new freedoms.

Residents of hotspots can leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour, while people in other areas can meet five others outdoors.

People, especially semiliterate Christians, who have never stood up for any cause beside personal worldly benefit and who have done nothing but repeat stupid slogans and asinine soundbytes about a Judeo-Christian civilization should listen to themselves.

Intellectual Minds is a Trumpist evangelical social media group

More from the dark web

Some associations are abominable and trashy and that discovery is not always the trigger for fight or flight. Even when they produce what appears to be intelligible info, commenting is not automatic. In fact it is better to let these groups and their trashy output meet their destiny. On a personal level, it is my responsibility to allow my ears and eyes to hear and see, and to have the sycophantic fringe who hide behind fraudulent bottom-feeding persons and their prostitution rings (capitalist ventures) exposed to the world.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

Revelation of John 2:29

Darkness in the Judeo-Christian vaccum

Baiting contributors with insults

Hey [name],

Miss you guys too. I just kinda needed to be amongst rational arguments for a while man.😅…

Let’s list the things you talked about and have you defend them. I wouldn’t mind hearing from uvw and xyz either.

Bullying members with unknown economic successes

… To be honest there is so much nonsense in what you posted here, it makes it difficult for me to tell whether you are actually living in the same world I am.

1) Biden’s ratings are off the chart where? With whom? Whose ratings of Biden is off the charts. Please be careful when you’re responding to me cause my specialty is in backing up my statements; not merely making them.

2) What Republicans outside of the RINO establishment Republicans are giving thumbs up to Biden? Name ONE!

3) He’s lifted the poor out of poverty. Now this one had me laughing real hard, paradoxically because I think this statement is both funny and upsetting at the same time…

…Biden’s first week in Office saw thousands of people laid off because of his stupid anti fossil fuels executive order. What do you mean by lifted people out of poverty?…

…List the areas that are out of poverty as a result of Biden. I will be waiting. Andrew will send your findings back to me.

Jamaica is now an example of safety?

3) He will get something done on gun laws. You are celebrating this because you don’t know much about history to be perfectly honest with you, nor do you realize how much you’ve been subverted…

…There is a country right now that is the perfect example of a country with stringent gun laws. Go to Jamaica and ask the citizens how much safer the laws made them…

A nation in constant violent revolution?

…Why are Biden and leftists so insistent on “gun control”? Do you know why? It takes power from the people and lands it in the hands of the Government…

… I mean, you should at least know that since you guys spent the better part of the half year I was in the group calling Trump a tyrant…

…The founding fathers left in the Constitution the right of the Citizens of America to BEAR ARMS and FORM MILITIAS…

Why? This was not only a measure to give Americans to protect themselves against criminal elements in society; it’s main objective is to consolidate power in the hands of the people, NOT the Government…

…Theodore Roosevelt once said ” When the people fear the Government, that’s tyranny, but when the Government fear the people, that’s LIBERTY”…

Violence: a tool for the desperate and the desperately wicked

…In order for that Constitutional provision to be changed, ⅔ of the Senate and the Congress must pass it, and then it must be ratified by 39 States out of the 50…

…The tyrant President that you call a genius is trying to do that using executive action.

GOP support for the bigot of Mar a Lago shows its bankruptcy

Once people heard the tropes about immigrants and tax breaks for the rich they held their noses and voted for a crooked and inhumane reality television entity.

Continuing the dark web feed…

45 was doing nothing wrong?

…You’ve lived in Western liberty too long so like most of these uninformed North Americans, you take it for granted. You think freedom is the default position. You are about to find out sister.

This is why I left the group. I came to realize that it was Ideological Subversion that did its number on you and Onas…
.You’ve grown to hate the principles that are guaranteeing your freedoms right now. You should go back and listen to ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov…

…It’s not because Trump was doing anything wrong. It’s just simply because you hated the guy. That is why you all made the fraud that happened last election OK because once it gets Trump out of Office, it’s totally fine.

Four years of watching Fox TV and inciting America’s fascists are not “being in office”

Let me put a little nugget on top of this for to explain about your “genius” President.

Trump was in Office for 4 years. His administration saw peace deals being signed in the Middle East between Israel and Arab nations…

…This was most certainly going to put the pressure necessary on Iran to stop their nuclear program.

Denying the facts of the 2020 election and US national and international misdeeds since 1776

What do we have now? After they stole the election, and rammed in this senile old fool, Hamas decided to attack Israel. Over 5,000 missiles in the space of one hour fired on them…

…Now, your genius President is not even 4 months old in the Office yet, and these are the kinds of things going on while he is in Office…

…I put it to you that Biden won’t need 4 years to wreck America. I’m giving him one, the most two.

China looked in his face and told him America has no moral authority to tell them anything about democracy. They also told him to his face that America is in terminal decline.

more bullying

[Name], believe, I have not begun to list Biden’s disasters for the past three months, but I can, if you dare me. This guy’s first 100 days may be the worst I’ve ever seen in history.

I’ll be waiting for you response to my points with facts; NOT your feelings. If you send me more of your feelings I won’t respond. SEND ME FACTS ONLY PLEASE!!! NOTHING ELSE!!!!

In the meantime I’m going to send you stuff that puts to naught all these erroneous things you just said.


Does this slice of a social media group read like intellect at work? Does it read like discussions of Christian theology and responsibility? You be the judge. Stay tuned for more from the dark web