Christian money racket?

Jesus as Lord and Saviour in the mosques is either a demon-inspired lie or a cowardly capitalist venture.

Money is a necessary propellant to spiritual maturity.  Where did we first hear that?  I do not know, but a lot of church business in the 21st century is motivated by people who want to inspire another generation of semi-literate Creflos, saying nothing but hoping to cash in on the brisk business of selling Christian doctrine.  Shame on them?

You bet, shame from head to toe

Pleading for “partners”

Partnerships with American televangelists (some posing as teachers of both gospel and finance at the same time) constitutes the new mafia.  Capitalism lays slain, my friends, slain by tithing people, and fully exposed by colonialists and hateful bigots. They do not notice.  They go to Palestine and never seem to see the demise of capitalism. Thankfully, not as many people in North America are as gullible as the “moral majority” thinks.  Joining these people who are pumping out millions of pieces of literature enticing people to lust after hundredfold increases will end in disappointment and misery. 

Sending your money to Tom, Dick, and Harry and even giving tithes (and more) to anyone does not end in or guarantee one even begins the journey to spiritual maturity.  “Get your junk out of my Father’s house” has fallen on deaf ears.

Superhuman flip-flop

Sometime after David displayed unprecedented courage in defence of Yahweh’s name and defeated a Philistine giant he confessed that fear can grip him.  He consequently strengthened his resolve about what mere mortals can do. David and others like him in Israel’s struggle were not superhuman conquerors.  This was not a flip flop unless David was a superhuman conqueror.

The warrior’s complaint

3) My foes have trampled upon me all day long, For they are many who fight proudly against me. 3) When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You. 4) In God, whose word I praise, In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?

Psalms 56:2-4

God gives faith that people may live by it according to Habakkuk.  In the Christian context living by faith means getting a share of divine nature or a change in the quality of life or a change in identity.  It means coming to life because of faith. Faith is not only an attitude of involvement – to think to do – and the assurance of victory, which is not always the realization of a victory or the thing hoped for. Consider Abraham’s quest for assurance of God’s oath.