Substandard adversary

When the devil threw his best pitch at Yeshua God laughed, not because a joke was in the air, but because the attempt was pathetic, like watching a ⅛ gram ant flexing his muscles before lifting a 5-ton elephant. The devil was no match for Yeshua.  All the evil angel had was slander, accusatory interrogation, murder, and false witnesses to cover up the resurrection. Yet he took his activities seriously, and even today carries on his opposition as a substandard adversary.

Ridiculous opposition and stupid showboating

Make no mistake. Politics is not a game. The “substandard” minister happens to be in government and people’s rep calling the minister “substandard” is a member of the house, a member of the party that failed to convince electors to put it in charge of the government. Fraud seems to apply whoever fails to win the majority.

“Stooges”, a Pollievre word for two ministries of the crown, shows the latrine and catapult that define political intelligence in some circles

Michael Chong, MP, is probably compromised as a Canadian patriot.   CSIS, calling for public accounts, is likely to be infiltrated by fascists, misguided religious bigots, and nationalists, and all the national institutions that Canadians have found to be complicit in the murder of First Nations children and women are known to be towering examples of failure and surreptitious malfeasance.

The new substandard

It is nauseating that Members of Parliament cannot ask a question in the house without loading up on emotional and unsubstantiated drivel. So let substandard be the proprietary designation for individuals whose party failed at the polls.

We do not know the extent of voting discoveries

Seeking ends in finding. The rare exception is that quest conducted by the denier established facts. There was a song called “Why stand aloof?” Containing the exhortation “Break the arm of the wicked and the evildoer, Seek out his wickedness until You find none.” (Psalms 10:15, NASB). We understand that every quest conducted by people who are neither wicked nor evil has a successful end. Find appears in quotes in the intelligent press because the state of Georgia knows how to keep civil war dinosaurs alive. When secession and insurrection are shown to be nothing to write home about then the fatal disease of a nation’s conservative and republican policies and general voting expectations are not real any more.

The certainty of finding exactly what we want

Successful Quests

The legacy of political corruption

We do not know when or in what country the practice of manipulating the result of a general election began.

Exceptional seeking is putting Jim Crow and First Nations abusers under the microscope until the world will have no doubt that their opinions are absolute rubbish. 

The broken arm of the wicked

“But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.”

Israel will seek (the verb is perfect and piel) YAHWEH when she finds herself in a strange land.

(Deuteronomy 4:29, NASB)

Certainty was in Moses’ mind when he said, “The Lord will scatter you among the peoples, and you will be left few in number among the nations where the Lord drives you”, (Deuteronomy 4:27) The scattering is perfect and hiphil; the action is respectively certain in the speaker’s mind and caused by the Lord. There is no doubt at all that the United States is being governed by a lot of scattered brains. Now that it is clear that one-third of Americas can create delusions of anything they think they need to cover up the absence of a genuine quest to discover the answer to “What would Jesus do?” it is now safe to expect “vote finding” to be more than a Georgian thing.

Votes for incoherence and money-numb jokers

If the people of Georgia can make sense of the slurred speeches of Herschel Walker they deserve a Nobel Prize for humanity. Let us hope that before that completely unhinged choice of almost 2 million Georgians says another word to sink his own boat that a few courageous voters will tell the world how employers have been leaning on them to vote GOP. Georgia’s reputation as a place great musicians reject as a destination is not cooked up. What else can explain people voting for trumpettes?

If the people of the United States can see intelligence in the flip flops and criminal behavior of the super rich there is redemption in the world turning to a diet of locusts and honey. What kind of society survives turning a blind eye to rising abuses of labourers cheered on by prosperity seeking religious people? None. People’s lives are hanging in the balance, and difference between Rev. Warnock and Republican Georgia might well come down to the reputation for finding votes after the people have voted.