Never thought of

The genius behind the American adventure is thought to be religious. “One nation under God ” and “the pursuit of life, liberty…” and other rubbish sayings are not Christian or even Jewish.  The love of truth in the context of politics and religion is taking a backseat to lies and propaganda just as it has for millennia.

Lie to everyone but the FBI

Of course no religion has openly advocated that lying is acceptable but a nation claiming to be religious and the mightier Israel does. If only they could keep the embarrassing records of religion out of sight.

Are you inoculated against religious and political and ethnic lies?

On condition of obedience?

For some people faith is cheap nonsense, usually based on things like food, drink, and elementary principles. It was the case for Israel under Mosaic law. What else besides nonsense could it be when in the last days people choose demonic lies, food, drink and marriage bans over Christ?

  1. The gift to the believer is on profession.
  2. Receiving the Spirit seals adoption
  3. The saved are alive not dead

Salvation is not a loan.
See all those people trying to save themselves via obedience?
They’re dead.