Say hello to your hollow fellow

Leadership around the world is showing up as visionless, full of hype,  followers of spin, rejecters of facts, and inciters of  xenophobia and misogyny. Despicable they certainly are, but sinking to their level makes one just as despicable.  The vast majority are not like the Ukrainian president,  a hero for all with eyes to see.  We will not pass the others on the street without a “hello” because God would want us to wish them all a good day, just like He does.

Who pilots this ship?

Ferocious, ravenous, tricksters all: arming themselves for a battle they will most certainly lose. Russia and her hordes are not fooling me about the presence of substantial bones underneath their drive for global domination.  When the helmsman is willing to slaughter both crew and passengers the ship is doomed. Many of us are willing to see humanity wrestle with its future in the institutions that have proven to be reliable vessels for the passage of.  I will tell you who does not care about the mass of humanity’s security.  It is those who will use the veto when the dignity and the safety of any group of us is at stake.

There is not enough medication in the world to help these guys sleep

It is not only leaders playing the hollow game.  One in four neighbours is likely to be a thieving, lying neer-do-well, a parent-hating, entitled person.  Every single one of us on the planet is at least tempted to call ourselves “good guys” even when the facts tell a different story. No matter what stories they tell or what fantastic fables they spin to explain their homicidal and territorial aggressions. Their lies stand out, and they cannot ignore the messages and the warnings they have been receiving from God’s angels.

The age of the hollow fellow has come

Hollow fellows will believe and support any lie, stay in the race to be rich, incite a race war, and race to the bottom by electing the flimsiest people to public office where they hope the officials will shock the population with immorality and phony heroes and not serve the people. All across the globe, communities are saturated with hollow leaders, elected or not.

… whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.

Matthew 5:22b, NASB

There are public servants who do not serve, teachers who have no learning, dogs who do not bark, physicians who have no cure, and there are people who, for example, graduated from brazenly lying as press secretaries in the White House to hold the pen of state governor. There are ruthless and crime-prone citizens running for power – not public service. Let’s resist the temptation to say “Dumpkopf”.