Opinion kills as certainly patriot bullets

I have always thought that making idols of free speech and the right to bear arms was a suicidal venture.  A practice we put at the top of our list ought to be absolute.  No such scope applies to free speech and bearing weapons.  The framers of the American constitution were deep thinkers who did not foresee that generations would arise who take any portion of their words defining the national character and turn it into tools of tyranny and rebellion.  Free speech and the right to bear arms have come into focus as the prime corroders of government’s best efforts.

Who are they keeping safe for the enjoyment of life and liberty

It is not mere slogan wielding when heads of state affirm their sacred duty to protect the nation.  History has shown that failure to do so distinguishes the records despots, kings, presidents, and even tribal leaders in the jungles and deserts.  Every leader comes from a clan that can exert pressure on the leader to place its unique practices above all else.  We have allowed the value of plurality to weaken the indispensable unity a nation needs in order to be strong and survive.  The people Moses loved and led have a testimony in this regard and we advance the cause of good government if we take note of the deliberate division of the nation into the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, two and ten tribes respectively.  The kings that succeeded David were not expected to repeat what David achieved; they only needed to keep certain aspects of his administration alive.  Evil kings were the ones who departed from  David’s example. They exposed their people to Yahweh’s anger by so doing and the promised consequences were insecurity, famine, exile and death.

So where are the reliable speakers of truth and warriors of mercy and justice

News ought to be factual, and the widespread use of experts to shape the news – they call it “giving context” – is as malicious as pushing outright fabrications.  When the source of information is either hidden or not stated news is as good for consumption as what spews from disturbed stomachs or rear ends.  BBC, FOX, CBC, Facebook and Twitter are not innocent purveyors of information the public needs.  They push whatever improves their market share of followers, and they bombard the public with their stupid slogans (ads) about their ability  to connect people.  Free speech is not absolute because every one knows that not only is untruthful speech dangerous it is punishable in the courts.  The right to bear arms has not only been in the hands of undeserving individuals it has also been the means for terrorizing innocent citizens.  The proclamation of truth and the war to foster justice and mercy have barely begun.

The dead giveaway

Political speech, religious traditions and tribal tenets have been allowed to pollute the social fabric by being placed above the simple facts.  Fully one third of most populations laps up the venom of politics, religion and tribal tradition without so much as a second glance.  People give heed to foot doctors talking about the brain and regard science as magic, despite the knowledge that the human body is equipped to heal itself with our cooperation.  The deals politicians make with manufacturers to exact exorbitant prices for their products from the consumer show that the maintenance life is not a priority.  Sick people with little access to healing regimes cannot pursue happiness. We might pity the preacher, the politician, the pundit and the jurist, and it might be wasted, because they remedy is to reject every such person who worships the right to free speech and the right to bear arms.  In addition to the ballot box for politicians there should be a day for lying and homicidal politicians and their  television and print personality allies to go to prison. When the heads of government are allied with and dependent on media types who have little regard for truth and facts, free speech and Patriots kill instead of promoting life. When speakers and warriors are interested only in affecting large audiences with their moronic slogans and buzzwords Idolatry rules the roots and kills the innocent.