Turning out more lying cowards

We cannot afford not to have our children in school this fall. The bigot in the White House thinks it is foolishness to want to protect children from coronavirus. The answer is quite simple. Build more schools quickly. But maybe that is a door to injecting funds into communities that deserve it. China built a hosptal recently in record time. I suppose thinking about fasttracking a school building project in the United States and the industry itself are too much like a dinosaur, too much like chameleon and too much like a senile Nazi.and too much like the Mafia. School for many in the United States may be home – which is where the new fascists and religious bigots are being trained.

Conservative Racism

Calling for firings and criminal investigations seem to be the only time Conservative politicians are alive.  Their agenda for dirty energy, pro-business and against cannabis is a recipe for the new fascism. Canada will not make the same mistake twice. Religion – anyone’s – will not define public policy. Watch out for politicians with strong religious passions. They breathe violence and breed oppression.

Racism and bigotry are not cards or covers. It is a thing people do to deny their own history and other’s.

Real Eternal Life in Life

Accusations about the liberation movement of African peoples are mostly smokescreen and political drivel.  If the number of Christian leaders who have done something to make justice come alive for African peoples is more than a tenth of all leaders it would be highly suspect.  We know that the vast majority model their work after ancient conventions known to be the tools of greed, oppression and ignorance.  Real life in God has no outlet for merchandising and theft. “Ticket to heaven” salvation and little compassion for the oppressed is shallow stuff indeed.

How many births?

Millions of people are thought to have said the sinner’s prayer but where are they? Evangelist Billy Graham used to lead responders in a cry for salvation and urge those who call on the Lord’s name to show up at a local church “this weekend”.

There had to be a short circuit or a veritable disconnect between the Saviour and people who say a prayer. There is no such road to salvation. One must believe a particular thing and confess it (publicly). I am confident that the number of people who are salt and light is way below the number of baptisms and way below the number of enrolled members. The quality of life and teaching in most countries is simply not up to snuff. That makes the reports of the born-again experience disturbingly deceptive and abominable.

Since Christ is God “country” is a poor partner when it is not the brother-neighbour.


Shame is a thing we keep private. Things we keep private run the field from things everyone knows we have (like breasts and testicles) to the record or memory of things that make us look less than golden . We therefore wish our friends would simply become complicit in our denial of our own shame (and theirs!). We advocate for people to say nothing as we spin as many lies as all the resources of artificial and hybrid intelligence can muster. There would never have been a nuclear attack on Japan if there were no nuclear bombs. Open season on children in their schools and people we are taught to despise is no cheering matter.

If people want to spend the next decade in litigation over what type of weapons should be banned, let them. If the only weapons of mass murder are in the hands of the 007s it is a good thing since the pool of suspects cannot hide. It is not too late to start a bombing campaign with food and freedom from bigots looking for revolutionary status. Look again if you thought that the right to bear arms and freedom of expression are lifesupport twins.

We need a ban on mindless speculation, on can-do and geewhiz cheerleading in public spaces.  That puts a lot of opining pundits and Bible quotes out of business, but we cannot survive the say-what-we-wish and call in the poopscoopers loop we are in.  It does no good to pretend that our clothes make us exemplary primates. Most animals do way better than the human race. Keeping the private private is still a choice; our neighbours deserve to know as long as they think of us as neighbours and not as competitors and a mystery.

What if your religious leader does not know that God is not a vending machine robot? What if the preacher is at exactly the same distance from God as the King James translation of the Bible and the people who honour God with their lips? I have seen leadership disgracefully bumbling through reading the Scriptures. What are the chances of such a level of literacy resulting in accurate interpretation of the sacred text, even when the crutch of English grammar is in the mix.

Teachers of the Bible are covered with shame when they fail to understand their obligation to get their students in touch with the unadulterated message of Christ as it was written not by the often unreliable and inadequate translations and biased commentaries. What possible reason can anyone have for refusing instruction or for cheering ignorance whether you are Caiaphas the high priest or blind Bartimaeus?

Trophies of Messiah’s Might

You may be familiar with the record of the moment Yeshua died.  To say the earth moved is an understatement.  What can we expect when the designer of the ages ( αιων or the òlam eternity) is taking his last breath? What happened at the cross is  neither mediocre nor unimpressive.  The centurion’s confession, the mocking of Christ’s saving career, the cry of being forsaken, the  rending of the temple’s veil, pale in comparison with the happenings in the cemeteries.  The monumental dimension of Christ’s conclusion of his work calls for significant practical benefits and symbolic developments.  The events of the passion become affirmations of  the end of the oppressive levitical kingdom and they remain in our consciousness as trophies of Messiah’s might.

Free those who died in faith

And what more shall I say? For time will fail me if I tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets,

Hebrews 11:32

The saying that the dead shall live may have had its first showing in the event in Matthew’s gospel (27:52).  Even before his own rising from the King of love deals an illustrative blow to the powers of death.  He orders the release of many of the saints.  The term “saints” has to refer those who died in faith (Hebrew 11:13) and their number is not insignificant because the writer of Hebrews confesses that time would fail him if he kept telling the story of those who died in faith.  It is a huge crowd.

The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised;

Mat. 27:52

It was not a secret occurrence.

and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection they entered the holy city and appeared to many.

Matthew 27:53

Holy ones who could not be held

For thou wilt not leave my soul to Sheol; neither wilt thou suffer thine holy one to see corruption.

Psalms 16:10

No sick and diseased healed

Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion;

Psalms 103:4

We must remember that healing of diseases was promised to those who keep all of the statutes and judgments in the Mosaic Law.  Most of us have no idea how many there are and where to find them.  This kind of healing is a pipe dream.  Yeshua has a more relevant method of bringing health to his people.  It is called grace, by which he simply speaks the word.  Otherwise people should simply take better care of their bodies, because the human body is capable of fighting off debility.

While we do not argue from silence we must recognize that the evidence of what happened the moment Christ died was exclusively the release from the grave.  It makes us ask why the news that many tombs had been giving up their residents had not reached the disciples.  Yeshua had told the disciples that he would rise from the dead and that his resurrection was the only sign his generation would receive.   By his death he made his authority known, not in bestowing health or prosperity.  His shed blood was for sins, and the finishing of his work really needed a standout headline to that effect.  The connection between sin, death, and the law was out in the open; captivity and corruption rendered into trophies of his grace.  The uncontrovertible evidence and benefit of Yeshua’s death was not healthy people, but life from the dead.  The association of physical healing with  his stripes – like the healing from partaking of bread and wine in memorial – is nothing more than a downgrade of the eternal truth.

Healing sick folk is not a big deal at all compared to opening graves and giving the Holy Spirit to believers.

Kingdom progress

It is a popular option to have some things in the Bible designated as permanent, and the ancient traditions of Israel are usually treated as such. Secular governments like to think of their legislation as permanent and unchangeable too. We have to admit without hesitation that antiquity alone does not make anything commendable or permanent. “Old is right” is not tenable. With the arrival of John the Baptist people began to take note and even change their minds. It is at the intersection of kingdom and people where we see the complete unraveling of authority

Advancement often means change

A few important signs of progress will help us establish the pattern of progress and change.

  • Promises to Abraham
  • Covenant of circumcision
  • The Sinai covenant
  • The Palestinian covenants
  • Inheritance rights for women introduced (Numbers 27)
  • The general practice of sacrificial offerings
  • The Solomonic kingdom
  • The prophet (Deuteronomy 15) and the messenger of the covenant
  • Jerusalem and Gerizim
  • Types and shadows
  • Truth and sincerity
  • Discrimination and the Gentile world

A kingdom of priests is a recipe for corruption, inconclusive rounds, and offscript marketing