Famous Deportations

Cyrus, the Persian king who facilitated the return of the Jews to the province of Judea, was a man who had an interest in history. He ordered a search for the facts about the Jewish people.  He ended up an unlikely hero, after seeing what had transpired between God’s people and the people who had  power over them.

Restored by migration

If Cyrus read the imperial archives he learned about the Jewish people and their fortunes from the start.  God stirred up his spirit to cooperate with the predictions about the Jewish people.  God raises up all kinds, among them the Pharaoh of the Exodus,  all the kings of Canaan, the heads of the four world-ruling empiresm and a host of heads of state in the modern era.

Rejected by deportation

When the Jews became aggressively assertive in Rome Claudius decided they should be shown the door. 

Elitist and xenophobic interests should have died with the return of the Jews to Judea. They had lived and breathed in a foreign land, married, died and were buried in exile. Following their return the Jewish people were shaped by Greek and Roman powers, both of which had established cosmopolitan societies.  Yet Judea plunged ahead with its orthodox priorities; barring women, excluding Gentiles from the worship designed for all peoples.  Deportations of undesirables have helped shape many societies but no entity can expect to abuse citizens and residents and walk away with a feather in its cap. None. If one nation starts deporting your racist and white supremacists and it will be famous beyond imagination.