Nothing better than carving out sovereignty

Here is incontrovertible evidence that an Alberta Conservative politician can bamboozle Albertans with legislation defining hypothetical fights with the government of Canada. Launching a sovereignty shield is pure thumb-twiddling that takes the place of real work for citizens.

Sovereignty act segways to chaos

Don’t Canadians see, in bright letters,  where the pride and passion of sovereignty ends?  How many sleepless nights are Albertans going to endure to have this Quixotic shield against the Federal government up and functional? I am pretty sure that every regional leader in Canada, with a vanguard of lawyers at their disposal, knows exactly where the lines of federal, territorial and provincial authority intersect, and I am no lawyer.

Gesh hal’ah, Spotify

Spotify may be a giant dwarf, posing as a giant. How would I know? These days a finding of abuse is 90% guaranteed when corporations are being scrutinized for the best community standards. Impersonation, exploitation, and bogus reality is what many corporations are engaging in. It is what they do. Where is Spotify after choosing a rabid spreader of disinformation over Neil Young? Down more than a few notches.

Go, Neil! Go Joni!

Spotify cannot even answer a query for a title without coughing up with the prepared results of its greedy logarithm.

So a music platform becomes a tool of giant terrorists, an insult to decency, and more than a den of capitalists, and its owners are hiding in plain sight. When we we may never be able to identify them we will understand why giving Young the boot is good practice, and it might explain why Joni Mitchell is speaking out.

Music is God’s preferred medium and it is fouled up with asinine slogans, romantic and erotic songs, capitalist and autocratic platforms, and protocols like iTunes’ unsolicited barriers to the music a musician creates and stores on his own personal computer.

Stand aside, Spotify