What God told His Son

It is not secret what God wants us to hear and know.

The idea that God sent his Son to bring the world (back?) to Eden or Sinai is laughable and sad. Can you imagine God telling God “You shall nor bear false witness…”? A quick route to trashing divine majesty is to make God subject to laws. If God was subject to laws every miracles is a sin. If God’s righteous rule of the universe rests on the Sinai covenant (or its intent) or on the practices of Israel’s patriarchs to where was that regime before God made earth and human beings? No healthy mind can imagine God issuing the Sinai covenant to the heavenly hosts or to Adam and Eve in Eden.

Everyone needs to work on fruit enjoyment. Everyone needs to work on gift deployment. There is nothing else to be revealed. All that God needs to say to us has been written – no matter what insights come to us.

If it is not written it is a lie

Not a specialist in the word of God? Why are you not? Should a pastor not equip the saints to do ministry? If we have no interest then perhaps it is time to check whether we have been properly introduced to the Saviour of world. It is no wonder that people flock to applaud the flipflopping, whooping, and hollering. There is so little of the Crucified in the messaging of most churches. You do not need a vision to know what God is paying. Read it or ask someone who can.

When God speaks from Heaven it is always about his Son. If we would learn that lesson we will be saved and recognize his voice instead of piling up the sayings of men, whether they are prophets, priests or kings.

There are many things we hear from people in the seats of authority that are neither angel-speak, nor thunder, nor the Good Shepherd’s voice.