Who wants Canada’s secrets out in the public?

That there is foreign interference in anyone’s politics is not surprising. Since Haiti gave the boot to French sovereignty the great pioneer nation of dispersed Africans has not had a year of release.  The people’s pleasure has been intercepted by the United States and God knows who else.  Every nation has secrets, some of which, like Haiti’s, have to do with survival.  Those people, especially politicians, who want a public airing of covert affairs that make their nation vulnerable are nothing but provocateurs and wannabe patriots and insurrection suspects. I have some ideas about who wants Canada’s secrets aired in public.

Trust with national interest is light years away from Conservative

The national interest will put people first, not corporations, large or small.  It is not enough to have federal politicians clamouring for a public inquiry, now Ontario’s premier is making his case for more details of foreign interference in Canada’s elections, now that, (you guessed it) the finger has been pointed at  provincial government officials from Premier Ford’s party. Geez, man, has the Ford government, while deciding the size of Toronto’s government, offers no insight into the rising occurrences of homicide. 

Smash up things then come in like saviours

Is there a push to create an image of the Ford government fighting crime and anything else? It looks that way and  scoffing and snickering at CSIS holding back secrets might work for Ford fiddlers and Pollievre pilferers.  It says much more about Ford refusing to say what he knows about the occupation of the national capital by admitted allies and friends of Conservative members of Canada’s legislatures. Conservatives have been tilting Canada towards “money talks” and the new right wing black hole. Since the 1970s they have been trying to make the difference between Canada and the United States seem inconsequential. For Ford and the Bloc Quebecois the line between federal and provincial powers and interests is sometimes thick and other times nonexistent.  I think Canadians know the difference between a fox in the henhouse and a German shepherd guarding a flock of sheep. They’re no saviours.

Substandard adversary

When the devil threw his best pitch at Yeshua God laughed, not because a joke was in the air, but because the attempt was pathetic, like watching a ⅛ gram ant flexing his muscles before lifting a 5-ton elephant. The devil was no match for Yeshua.  All the evil angel had was slander, accusatory interrogation, murder, and false witnesses to cover up the resurrection. Yet he took his activities seriously, and even today carries on his opposition as a substandard adversary.

Ridiculous opposition and stupid showboating

Make no mistake. Politics is not a game. The “substandard” minister happens to be in government and people’s rep calling the minister “substandard” is a member of the house, a member of the party that failed to convince electors to put it in charge of the government. Fraud seems to apply whoever fails to win the majority.

“Stooges”, a Pollievre word for two ministries of the crown, shows the latrine and catapult that define political intelligence in some circles

Michael Chong, MP, is probably compromised as a Canadian patriot.   CSIS, calling for public accounts, is likely to be infiltrated by fascists, misguided religious bigots, and nationalists, and all the national institutions that Canadians have found to be complicit in the murder of First Nations children and women are known to be towering examples of failure and surreptitious malfeasance.

The new substandard

It is nauseating that Members of Parliament cannot ask a question in the house without loading up on emotional and unsubstantiated drivel. So let substandard be the proprietary designation for individuals whose party failed at the polls.

Freedom convoy mask lifted

How many more Canadians are ready to assault federal politicians using raw and unvarnished statements, obscenities, and physical intimidation is anyone’s guess.  Those politicians who have been careful to distance themselves from the freedom convoy approach to protest must be recognized as prudent.  The slippery slope of separatist sentiment and intemperate opposition appeared first in the Conservative leader Scheer calling his debate opponent, the then prime minister “a fraud”.  After the conservative-leaning mob’s siege of Ottawa, the face of wrong-headed freedom and opposition fighters is on display.

Beware, Canada, the ides of civic fracture have come

The increase of discriminatory and intolerant behavior sometimes posing as the indifferent expression of free speech will result in a spokesperson arising who will launch a campaign of purifying civic life.  Of highest value will be unity, even when that unity rises from the ashes of tribal and nationalist  strongholds. Conservatives will never convince their constituents that an honourable partnership between individuals (their voting constituents) and corporations is possible.  Corporate interests will always seek bigger barns at the expense of hardworking citizens.

Insurrectionist Canucks?

They will have an even more difficult time covering up their willingness to unseat the Canadian government by means other than the ballot box.  Going for the fall of the government from the first day of parliament is nothing short of disrespect for the Canadian electorate. Heck! Even the iconic conman, Jacob-Israel, has a change of mind and an action plan that reflects his humility and grasp of grace as a global need. Is it too much to ask opposition politicians to take off the mask of “freedom fighter” and help Canadians to enjoy their government? Nobody wants a devoted satan (killer, thief, destroyer) in their house. Sheesh, man, or shush man!