Impotence and the lowest common denominator

Over a period of two days five ballots have concluded in the election of the Speaker of the House. The GOP is a dead carcass being picked apart by vultures and the world is watching a desperate attempt by less than two dozen members-elect to create a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby. Some have failed to call the most vocal of those blocking Kevin McCarthy’s path to the Speaker’s chair as terrorists or at least hostage-takers. It is neither realistic nor democratic for representatives to vote conscientiously five times against McCarthy and then, after arm-twisting or whatever it is the GOP does behind the scenes, to change their votes and also call that vote conscientious and a reflection of their conscience and the will of their constituents. The GOP has sunk so deeply into its own latrine pit that governing is an infamous interruption of their agenda, and their impotence has no remedy beside an honest vote.

My name is “George Santos”

The US Representative-elect who claims to know the difference between fraud and lies deserves quote marks around his photos, quote marks around every word he utters or writes.  Seorge Gantos is an icon of the pit into which American politics and economics have fallen.  “Fell, fell” is how the certain decline and crash of mystery Babylon is. The fate of “George Santos” is equally certain. The GOP, its Catholic and Evangelical allies face another critical test, that they will most certainly fail

“…Ἔπεσεν, ⸀ἔπεσεν Βαβυλὼν ἡ μεγάλη, …”. She fell, she falls, that great Babylon.

Rev 18:2

Goodbye, hello, recall the “George” and prosecute his staff

The only way “George Sanders” can escape the harsh verdict of his congressional peers, the just deserts  of the Department of Justice and the disgust of  those who elected him will be for him to say I did not write my resume, and I was not responsible for all the claims in his resume or his voters see no wrong.  His goodbye precedes his hello, and sticks to him like iron filings to a magnet. Perhaps his staff will vouch for him, that they were the ones who souped up his resume.

Erase “George” and recover a tiny bit of credibility

The only thing “George” got right was probably his name; the rest is pure junk, cooked up from a dark and unprincipled mind. His name deserves to be in quotes, considering that every claim he makes to tell people who he is turns out to be false.  Who needs a leader like “George Santos”?  That smile he sports is due for an erasing, unlike the public memory of a lying thieving coward.