Conservatives critical mass from polls

The federal and provincial conservative representatives are sponsoring dozens of polls which are designed to create a tsunami in public by using the results to show that conservatives are caring people, and are committed to pluralism and democracy.  When the conservatives have the support of the Bloc Quebecois one knows that the mutual intent is not the building of Canada’s institutions.  The conservative intention to find the truth is as clear as mud. They have been trashing Canada’s health system for years now and then they want to act all innocent,  and demand more money to realize their goals for the  health system, which is to make Canadians pay like the poor Americans have to.  Popularity on Facebook and social media should not be allowed to transform the Canadian political consensus into some right-wing fascist and racist strong North.

An opinion poll can say whatever its makers want to say

Any clever pollster can make milk unnecessary. Everything coming from any conservative politician is plot, plunder, and poop. They just want to replace the current members of parliament with their allies. They are selling dangerous drugs. A divided house falls. The leader of the opposition is a deluded megaphonic crapster as long as he sees his role as pulling down the government. Add to that the many polls that the citizen is subjected to and a massive manipulation of public sentiment is in the making. All of them, heads of government included, who were awake when the mob took over the streets of Ottawa, made their choice quite clear. They wanted to appear with the “strong” taking back a country deemed lost by White nationalist types. They rendered lipservice to the cause of Canada’s First Nations. Mark my words. Right wing politics is the seed bed for Nazism, fascism, plutocracy, and a slave economy. Then those moronic politicians want to talk about a broken Canada and a divided Canada as if they have nothing to do with dividing people. Avoid polls, and be sure to keep your vote secret. It is nobody’s business who you choose to represent you.