Land not healed

If a confession in public was sufficient to move God’s hand to relieve a nation in distress it is next to impossible that any of our modern nations is going to successfully use the ancient therapy. Another approach to relief is to pray in secret and expect a public showing of relief (Matthew 6:6), but not even the nations with millions of people using the second method seem to have a healing on their record or transcript and neither method seems to be on any nation’s agenda. The condition for the second method continues for the land not healed.

It is time to stop abusing “If my people who are called by my name…”

You can believe that two persons believing in prayer changes things but that seems to have no effect on cancer or national policy. It does not even prevent a load of junk spilling into the infospace.

Stand and cry, hear and deliver

Healing a land is not miraculous. Taking a stand and screaming comes easily. Study the habits of a baby in need.

‘Should evil come upon us, the sword, or judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before You (for Your name is in this house) and cry to You in our distress, and You will hear and deliver us.’

2 Chronicles 20:9

A land that refuses to take a stand and scream remains sick.

Skirting the city to create a hamlet

If the returning exiles needed a guiding light it was not the Sinai Covenant or the patriarch traditions. Mosaic traditions had by this time become useless – blood that cleansed nothing. Where was the crown? We do not know how the Lord inspired Cyrus to decree the return, but Cyrus could not but have been impressed by the proud attachment of a people to a palace for an invisible king; a palace built by a king whose kingdom is the opposite of his own. They celebrated and embraced the Mosaic legacy but skirted the throne and the truthful village connected to SSolomon’s dynasty.

He shall build an house for my name; and he shall be my son, and I will be his father; and I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel for ever.

1 Chronicles 22:10
No monarchy in the restoration

Cyrus learned from the records that his predecessor’s reign came to an end just as predicted. He also learned that there was a king whose kingdom was not going to end. His own name appears in prophecy stating his role in rebuilding the Province of Judea.

The return to Judea had just about everything except a Solomonic monarch. Solomon may have had an unimpeachable life as a wise ruler but he was a poor model for Mosaic orthodoxy. No conscientious disciple of Moses would rush to line up behind Solomon. The returnees chose to distance themselves from anything connected with the reason for their captivity in the first place. Solomon was the poster boy for idolatry, the classic Israelite folly. Yet the sure mercies of God to David found its legs in the Solomonic throne. David’s son will build the temple and it is his throne that  will be established for ever.

What is Jerusalem without a Davidide ruler? A desolate house.