Pray for Jerusalem

We do it because God invites us.  We can visualize the interest of the King in this piece of real estate and our own residential stake in the future Jerusalem. There is much to peace that people do not want to manage either mentally or physically, and that is why Jerusalem has no peace.  People stuck in their traditions will be the last to become courageous heroes. We pray and use our voices to light up the dark corners where evil hits the airwaves dressed up a strength and goodness.

Traditions dominate Islam and Judaism. There are patriarchal practices, purely human traditions (like everyone else on the planet), tribal heritages, social norms (some of which are the subject of revision by Moses, the Lord, and the prophets) and statutes and judgments picked up over time. The fact that Islam guts the Jewish traditions with Arab views, and Christians will not accept any adjusting of what Moses wrote (as Islam does) afirms that there is no people of the Book because there is no “book”.

Jews do not even bother to try to convert Gentiles using television and radio as Christians and Muslims do. If either of these communities of believers had a rock solid foundation there would never be any amendments or adjustments to belief or practice.

Marketing in East Jerusalem

The Israeli PM is no king.  His political base, the supposed zealots of Yahweh’s ways, has been unable to secure a majority among the religious coalitions, after four elections in two years.  A more illegitimate government head is hard to find on the planet. A PM who fails to accept the Jerusalem for all people indicated by Abraham’s fatherhood, by David’s songs and actions, by the prophets’ messages, by the embedding of the chosen people in Babylon and Persia, by the domination of Judah by Greece and Rome. It is too plain to be missed. Discrimination of the worst kind – genocidal- makes an alien practice of stopping those bent on spilling more innocent blood in Jerusalem. It is already abundantly clear that banning Gentiles from the holy city is an abomibable practice.

Pray for eyes to see why

He who has ears will hear. He who has eyes will see. People absorbed in their own identity to the detriment of all other peoples can hardly be depended on to do justice, love mercy, and walking humbly was ditched every time Yahweh engineered a rescue from hostile hands. Yes, let us pray for Jerusalem to have her peace; she cannot keep forever missing her dates. No, we cannot be silent about the atrocities happening in settlements and curfews and expropriation of land legitimately owed by Palestinians. Christians are not a rubberstamp for bad actors anywhere. If you had to choose between an American cop or an Israeli cop would you not go copless? Pray for Jerusalem, you’ll be living there soon, believer.

Kill the Dreamers-3

Killing the dreamer epitomises the history of the Israelite family. Their persecution of their prophets and leaders is aptly reconstructed by Stephen in his defence before the Sanhedrin where he was arraigned for blasphemy. “Kill the dreamer” is the solution that comes up time and time again in the history of the modern world as it did in summary narrative of Stephen’s defence.

Cowardly champions

The surprising result of comparing biblical dreamer-killing with secular assassinations shows how deeply into human nature the resistance is drilled. Every group of believers has created structural barriers to curtail legitimate dreaming. Denominational visionaries and bishops seem to have taken the cowardly approach to development and progress, and most of these gatekeepers are ill-equiped to deal with dissent and the profound issues of the Christian faith. Step out of line – even to ask a pertinent question – and all barrels are aimed at you.

On record

Dreamers are out of line with the trending treasures and yet their dreams were more fundamental than the wise imagined.  Powers like the United States, while championing inventiveness and liberty are on record as having no compunction with imposing silence by means of death on dissenting voices and on those who dare to dream beyond the status quo. The United States is also not alone in prosecuting anyone who dares to seek to do the very thing that distinguishes America from her mother. Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. are seated into the living archives of human memory. In the place where peace has a memorable and contestable mention the record is equally distressing. Jerusalem has been killing dreamers too, joined in recent times by Egypt. Two dreamers stand out: Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin.