The reset fallacy

Every observant person on the planet understands that many things come in unique cycles.  The year, once gone does not return.  Human development from infancy to adulthood, the journey through the ranks of employment,  K to 12 education, and interpersonal relationships all afirm our sense that we get one kick at the can.  Even when the same conditions are in sight no one gets to reset life as if it never happened.  You may ask about the belief in rebirth, in the Christian sense, “Is that not a second chance?” To answer we should consider what ever happened to “three strikes you’re out” “or one strike you’re out?”  Where did they come from?  Nowhere, which makes them lies, pure fallacies. No nation needs a reset because the only reset that is possible is that which was grounded in perfection, and that excludes all creatures.  It is not reset that humans have control over, but over building on the foundation as the starting point.

Starting over is never cheap

In the political world there is little that can be achieved by appealing to strict interpretation of legislation. Legislation is subject to review and amendment. Perfect things need no scrutiny from humans. The law of God, as given through Moses (see Isaiah 2 and Micah 4 for future law and messsge) is the subject of addition. Statutes and judgments are picked up along the way and the case of women’s inheritance rights (Numbers 36) is a landmark for the law’s incompleteness.

New is not the same old

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ1776 and πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦1867 are gone. Israel’s maintenance of the Sinai covenant is mere window dressing because the covenant was violated at Sinai and in every generation since. If the argument for a western civilization reset is that the interceding generations have departed from the original intent of the founders then Christians too need to return to the terms of our foundation.

Does a political reset include activating the evils of genocide and unpaid slave labour?

One would have to be a ranking idiot or ravening wolf to make the case for a Christian reset – reformation? – apart from the intentions and achievements of the Cornerstone and the apostolic foundations. New construction in the Church denies the perfection of the root.

Reset theories and absurdities

So while the intellectual minds of our times revel in the sparks they have created by ignoring the timeless investment of Christ in the witnesses of New Testament times, the political upheavals and the cheap religious prostitution dressed up like a move towards excellence stand in stark contrast and their sales of their merchandise place them far from the the ballpark of sincerity and truth. Apostolic words and actions are the only reliable guides we have. All of the pastors, evangelists and prophets are broken waterpots – yours truly included – who cannot put Humpty together again. Christ will have no part in a violent overthrow of any government but he will most definitely honour the believer – leader or not – who clings to the Cross as the only reset that matters.