A royal “nunc dimittis”

When our late sovereign was twenty-one years old she pledged herself to serve and invited her subjects to join and help her. She probably did not imagine how many the fiery trials she would have to endure, but she was most certainly aware that her reign would end and release would surely come. Humans tire, and the wise ones know when they have caught the vision of ultimate glory in the present, and when to throw in the towel.

Now you may dismiss

Now Lord, You are releasing Your bond-servant to depart in peace, According to Your word;

Luke 2:29

nunc dimittis servum tuum Domine secundum verbum tuum in pace,

Secundum Lucam 2:29, Vulgate

I am sure that as she kept hitting benchmarks raising her head above her predecessors in various ways she must have said, as her strength waned, “Just one more, Lord”. Please allow me to fantasize that E👑R may well have ended her meeting with the latest UK Prime Minister with a “Lord, release me now”, considering how quickly her strength waned after that occasion.

Hiding in a rock

Fanny Crosby, a prolific writer who was blind, is likely in the top tier of influential women and kingdom-of-God workers. If you are interested you can look at the songs this messenger has contributed to the church’s witness and see how she, unsighted, looks forward to seeing and even revels in visions of the present condition.

Here is Isaiah sounding off about interpersonal refuge. It is a marvelous highway which may seem to make skilled and conscientious Christian leadership unnecessary but it is another layer of investment in everyone.

Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land. Isaiah 32:2

  1. Fanny was a hiding place
  2. Fanny was a shelter.
  3. Fanny was a stream of water in a dry place
  4. Fanny was a shady rock in a weary land

Rocky VII

No sequel of Fanny or apostle Peter is imminent; no copy of Yeshua or you exists, but we all have a great rocky destiny, in the fashion of St. Peter (Rock, Kefa, Petros). Fanny was convinced her sight would improve.

All the things that Fanny saw in her wonderful Saviour she was privileged to be. We are privileged to be. This means that each of us has the potential to be rocky residences and rocky witnesses. Shifting sand and pebbles do not work.

Oh the height and depth of mercy

Oh the length and breadth of love

Oh the fullness of redemption

Pledge of endless life above