I believe all things

Believers get a bad name because of the appearance that anything goes; fantasy, fable, new and old speculation are where faith seems to go consistently. We like to say that we have it documented. This belief in the man from Nazareth, Yeshua the Messiah, is, to us, eternal reality, previously hidden, now brought to light, is factual. I am sure you are aware that literacy is on the decline, defeated by the viral video and germ-laded tweets and various audio soundbytes types. The book, the one reliable source of authority, lies slain where acquiring the tools for literate participation and the publishing of facts and reliable information personal stories get treated as patterns for . I believe that professors of theology need to have at least a little theology, but that is not the case. I believe that politicians sign up for selfless servive, but that is not the case. I still believe. I believe that political spin doctors should have at least a blind political passion. I have come close to not believing that intelligent colleagues would argue that the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

I believe all things, just in case

Someone had better explain what credibility does a professor of religion (or theology) have when he or she recommends that some media (outlets) are not to be trusted. Are we carrying around lists of media outlets that people can trust?

How we get to the place where we want to believe whatever is on the menu is a mystery, not subject to human decree or willpower. Each sentient being can be expected to have self-defence capacities. We know that if we believe a lie disappointment is in the mix. All things do not work for you. You avoid them. I find and do the same. We believe that pigs fly when God or someone else wants them to. We pin our hopes neither on the blood of a bull if we want atonement for our sin, or on pigs flying. We still believe that “not-guilty” only comes from life given in appropriate payment.