The officials and their shields

The raccoons, coyotes, and bears are in the city and the suburbs, and no politician that I know of represents them in our civic, provincial or federal government. Now ain’t that a headline. Places I could go to (or merely drive by) 7 years ago to see a kestrel hover for a kill are now concret jungle. Tick me off and get forgiven, but offend these little predecessors of ours and pay destroyed by God for not being a shield to the vulnerable.

Angry nations and destroyers

And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

Revelation 11:18
American Kestrel

Would the North American continent be a pollution hub without Europeans?

Before and after

A fire consumes before them And behind them a flame burns. The land is like the garden of Eden before them But a desolate wilderness behind them, And nothing at all escapes them.

Joel 2:3

No and we are not indestructible. All our drilling, polluting and construction do not go unnoticed.

Not seen in my neighborhood for almost a decade

Humanity’s killer instincts have been catching up with us, and the reason we have not noticed is that people reserve the right to erase any offender they choose to designate as a threat. Threats can be found in doing good things, such as cleansing lepers, raising the dead, in asking the right question, and in having gifts that differ. Who, pray tell, will shield us from an angry God.