Captives of Christ

Not everything in the Bible is Christian. Vigorous thoughtfulness is the recommended strategy for conducting the war against unhealthy thinking. Christ equips us with mighty weapons. This involves dragging every thought to the CHRIST measuring stick for examination. Thoughts that do not stick to Christ, the Son of man, are empty. Those thoughts are not worthy of our time.

A foolish and demonic strategy dishes out everything – that serves the purposes of repositioning Yeshua – in the Bible as Christian, but God is not mocked. Shallow education triumphs and people remain dead in their delusions.

Christ means Christ, and him only. He has no equal and no partner in saving souls besides the Holy Spirit, God the Father and his chosen foundation witnesses.

People may call us narrow or shallow, but we remain confident that there is no Saviour but Christ. People may call us learned or informed, but the knowledge we prize above all is Christ in us as the hope for glory.