Just another blah, blah, blah?

Some legislator in the United States is trying to jump ahead of the righteous judgment of God by recognizing fetuses as persons.  Sure, it will spin off financial benefits for some one, but it will do nothing for the untold millions who have come from the womb into life under the sun,  who have no prrotection from police brutality, from deceitful preachers and from corrupt lawyers.  Every blah, blah, blah, book, podcast and television program is not from a decent or honest place.  There are hundreds of blurbs, series and traditional sentiments that fail to put truth and reality first.  They are not harmless diverse views.  These are dangerous demon-inspired or demon-influenced blahs that we are warned to avoid with a ten-foot pole. 

Imagine an unborn citizen of any country

The idea of a fetus being a person had to be cooked up by a brain cooked by the fires of a desolate land.  Did anyone not hear the Creator say it was better for certain individuals who offend the living to have not been born?  Did the Lord of life mean born or conceived?

Anything will be the cause of American decline except slavery and Jim Crow, hijacked religions, and First Nations genocide

If Christ could say to his disciples before the Pentecostal Event that they were salt, light, and friends, to what end does anyone invite believers to be “like Jesus”?  Believers are children of God, are people passed from death to life, have God’s seal of approval, have his seal of the best-yet-to-come, and have his authority.  Anything more than mutual encouragenment to keep pressing forward is sure to be an attempt to mislead.  All the beauty of Yeshua is equally avalable to all his disciples.  The believer who displays more compassion than his brother is not any more a disciple than his brother, and we had better stop wasting time asking God for more of what we have full and unrestricted access to.  Find a dumpster and flip the blah, blah, blah into it.

Stop devaluing the Messiah to make yourself look legit

Few people are interested in a hero who pokes massive holes in their most sacred traditions, demonstrates that hundreds of “words” about sin, leprosy, and other gods is maximized window dressing, proves that  rivers of blood are incapable of atoning for sin, and gets convicted of capital crime.  Few people indeed.  One Messianic saying goes, “Many are invited, but few are selected”; it runs against the grain of the faiths and spirituality woodworks.  There is no such thing as a faith that seeps into national or tribal culture.  Sooner or later,  the enforcement  used to make people religious, spiritual or faithful becomes an open book for the world to see. Since being in the Way is not confirmed by good deeds – bad people do good things too – the blah, blah blah of sages, seers, and zealous peers, written or spoken, does not amount to a hill of beans.