Potus45 will kill you

All the ignorance of the last 1000 years is guiding the United States in 2020 amid a pandemic. If American lives were not seriously in jeopardy we would be laughing. I wonder who is lining up for bleach treatment. Where are those fine patriots when you need them? Make sure you have health care and life insurance. Does any follower of Jesus of Nazareth not recognize the demonic siege? My God! Why has wisdom departed?

Nincompoopery hits the fan at the White House.

⚠️🚨Major Counterfeit Bulletin🚨⚠️

Any natural human can do what the law says: they do not need God, law, tent, priest, prophet, or king.

Doing what the law or covenant says – eating, drinking, atonement rituals, festivals and circumcision – do not amount to an international standard.

for when Gentiles which have no law do by nature the things of the law, these [people], having no law, are a law unto themselves;

Romans 2:14

Know truth! Know Peace!