Waiting for Hitler 2.0

Do not dare to guess that a united Europe or Africa will rise up and execute justice in the earth.  The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are mere pantomimes of Nazism and Fascism.  They will not become champions of equity and mercy because their primary interest is tyranny.  Rome will cling to its fascistic heritage and empty pride in the Vatican.  The powers that clashed in the last world war may think that they have the world’s attention with their humanitarian ventures and economic progress, but the US, Japan,  and the UK are waiting for a rabid fox to grab the microphone and incite rebellion-as-protest, mass murder as law and order.  The rags of the evangelical and nationalist alliances are soon going to appear as a robe of righteousness and the majority of humanity will be deceived, because most people, including the mass of religious people,  believe that the world needs a strong individual, a Hitler 2.0.

Test run in progress, boos crescendo

The so-called strength of law and order has been shown to be a dud, and no sound byte coming from the dumb watchdogs over human longevity and global progress are in for a long and resounding booing.  The blind watchmen are testing their false alarm mechanisms, and the people with their fingers on the buttons of government are diluting the authority of genuine jurisdiction.  The world is plunging into a period of city power, regional managers, a certain de facto era of bandit kings, in the image of nineteenth century BC Canaan.  People are deafened by the lies that have fed them in the centuries since the 13 colonies rebelled against the British Crown.  A nation under God, Israel, supposedly for seven centuries, survives as an  adulteress, so what are the chances that the United States is actually a nation that cares about justice and equity? Let’s have an icy toast of lava from Kilauea when the world’s attention gets riveted on the man who will solve humanity’s problems.

Amber alert and martial law

Every community will hear the message issuing from police cars and from our cell phones that the time has arrived for drastic action to end humanity’s chaos and suffering.   Failure to comply with instructions, especially for registration under the new regime, will result in execution.  So it is written, and so it will occur.  We have heard of scenarios including  microchips inserted into the human body for record location and bodily functions, manipulation of the nervous systems by wireless technologies,  enforcement of rest days, participation in any government program, but the only thing that is consistent with the facts is the control of human access to markets, the ability to buy and sell.   The devil does not need to be stealthy at this point in human history.  He has every kind of religious affiliation and gathering under control, and only the branded ones will admit that Satan is their master and teacher.   As quickly as the civic powers can find a pretext to enforce uniformity they will do  it,  Some observers have seen a dry run in the measures implemented to combat the recent respiratory virus global pandemic.   Diversity has been a bar too high for most governments, especially all the states that have a formal tie with worship of God.  Hitler 2.0  is going to embrace all religions, will insist that the good of the human race depends on a benevolent approach and a complicated system of justice.  Compliance with the hyper-tyrant will be easy because of the incentives and the compulsion.

The right heroes

Right wing values are dressed up as family-friendly and responsible.  They are even part of the great tomorrow which is the supposed alternative to Make America Great Again rubbish,  but let that Judeo-Christian hybrid lunacy linger in your mind for too long.  That law-abiding, xenophobic, miracle-fabricating , pocket-picking, army of motivational speakers will not find enough lawyers and publicists to stave off the indictments and..  Who could be the heroes of the neo-fascists beside the likes of Berlusconi, Orban, a battalion of Harvard-schooled idiots, paranoid bullies and wannabe emperors like Kim Jong-Un, Erdogan, Netanyahu and Xi Jinping.  All the heroes of the right are persons conducting  criminal enterprises in plain sight who  think that they will never see the inside of a court of justice as defendant.  Perhaps their aides will prevent them from falling on their swords or whatever grand finale our Caligulas might dream up as right and heroic.