Looking Back Inevitable

When I started blogging some 25 years ago I saw a duck pretending to be a swan. I asked a lot questions. Officially, I asked 3 questions every day after observing the news. Politics and religion have given us reason to laugh as well as do some sober reflection. Some people are stuck in the Iron Age, others in the Middle Ages, and the few communities that dare to venture into the great unknown which look more and more like a mother’s labour pains forcing her to end her procreation interest, in effect, are racing away fron the finish.

Progress is extremely slow. Except where the law has cracked down the human race is still plunging into emptiness.  A rash of improvised explosive devices mailed to politicians in the United States some years ago has exposed to glorification of rank stupidity, both in the public and private. Incredibly, we can see the church andstste are  just as needy.

For the forward drive
Opposition to cannabis legalization looks like White Anglo Saxon Protestant rage against happiness. Profiting off of the misery of human illness does not register anywhere where near decency. As a Canadian citizen observing the health care debate in the United States, my conviction remains: civic life retains its slave-empire character. Rumours of war and the abject fear of one are the tools of the bottom-feeding clans.

This space will continue the process of Lastword.99, bringing the voice of God to life in the words of Yeshua from New Testament.

Rather than simply post my opinion I offered my theological findings, not as final but as next to final. So even with the kind of evidence that we arrive at conclusions from serious study in the text of the Bible we do not say “that’s it” because we are aware that as human beings we can at any time stand corrected.