Who is the leader?

The mob or the boss

If a man or woman can sit at the top of the influential nations and international entities with character traits wholly unbecoming there is reason to be concerned that local service agencies like churches and mosques are being steered by bad characters.

The 45th US president is an anomaly. He is obviously in the mold of despots and mass murderers:

  • Uninformed on a wide range of subjects 
  • Averse to reading
  • Corrupt in business practices 
  • Misogynist 
  • Racist
  • Criminally compromised by his own admission 

We think we know who attracts us as leaders but our personal interests seem to override our conscience’s warnings against the dangers of apathy and cruelty.

The chearers or the cheerleader

I believe all things

Believers get a bad name because of the appearance that anything goes; fantasy, fable, new and old speculation are where faith seems to go consistently. We like to say that we have it documented. This belief in the man from Nazareth, Yeshua the Messiah, is, to us, eternal reality, previously hidden, now brought to light, is factual. I am sure you are aware that literacy is on the decline, defeated by the viral video and germ-laded tweets and various audio soundbytes types. The book, the one reliable source of authority, lies slain where acquiring the tools for literate participation and the publishing of facts and reliable information personal stories get treated as patterns for . I believe that professors of theology need to have at least a little theology, but that is not the case. I believe that politicians sign up for selfless servive, but that is not the case. I still believe. I believe that political spin doctors should have at least a blind political passion. I have come close to not believing that intelligent colleagues would argue that the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

I believe all things, just in case

Someone had better explain what credibility does a professor of religion (or theology) have when he or she recommends that some media (outlets) are not to be trusted. Are we carrying around lists of media outlets that people can trust?

How we get to the place where we want to believe whatever is on the menu is a mystery, not subject to human decree or willpower. Each sentient being can be expected to have self-defence capacities. We know that if we believe a lie disappointment is in the mix. All things do not work for you. You avoid them. I find and do the same. We believe that pigs fly when God or someone else wants them to. We pin our hopes neither on the blood of a bull if we want atonement for our sin, or on pigs flying. We still believe that “not-guilty” only comes from life given in appropriate payment.

Doctor Ostrich and Death Overdoses

Herd immunity is the medical concept of allowing (I wing it!) a disease to run rampant until the population develops a natural resistance. The cost is an extremely high casualty count. Listening to some people who have the ability to spend time and money protecting and caring for the affected populations one gets the impression that 200,000 deaths mean nothing more than a nuisance and obstacle to their electoral goals. That kind of willful ignorance is not going to happen in Canada. We have no stomach for Dr. Ostrich, Pastor Blind, and Dr. Martyrdom.


200,000 dead; 7,131,000 infected (from http://corona.tuply.co.za/)

Sometimes life imitates nightmares. No ships carry the intransigent Americans and Brits into exile but the reins held by Russia and the entities making up the UK tell us that united power is no longer possible, no matter how miraculous or functional the innovations. If one wants to see fragmented government and divided people one needs to look no further than the United States and the United Kingdom. These two nations might as well confess their exile instead of ginning up their independence and freedom. Remember potus45 sitting mute in Helsinki! Remember “we are rounding the corner” as nearly every statistic points to more deaths.

Let ’em die in the millions! We’ll honour them with a monument.

The cruelty of official violence

If one member of the church, club, or service organization of which you are the leader became the victim of violence from an agency tasked with protecting and serving citizens your silence on the matter would make your leadership suspect. While no informed person would jump to conclusions or condemnation, our communities (the commonwealth, the United Nations) expect an expression of solidarity with the victim first as the gold standard of public service. The agency that is responsible for the violent incident also deserves a statement that recognizes the damage done to its reputation and an unambiguous reiteration of the community’s abhorrence of the behaviour. Telling us “never again” does not work because we have seen the repitition of glorification of violence against people in police custody by the chief executive of the United States.

We expect an expression of solidarity with the victim out front first as the gold standard of public service.

Most of us know that statistically the rogue cop is not “one bad apple”. The label is highly inappropriate and misleading. The other apples on the scene where deadly force is used seem to have no power to apprehend the bad apple who violates the law and his solemn vow.

To approve or to disapprove

The 21st. century is not a good time to trot out the barbarism of the 1st century AD or the 13th to 10th centuries BC. The legitimizing of every person does not extend to their views of life, love, and liberty. Are we that stupid. When Canada’s constitution embraces immigrants from the Syrian or German communities there is no embrace of misogyny or nazism. Even in the privacy of one’s home misogny and nazism are crimes. Violence as the final recourse seems to be a thing happening more as the opening moves when police interact with citizens. But, they say, people should not worry: it was violence that paid for our freedoms, and our kids can walk right up to the line of assaulting their parents and be called the good generation. Are you going to wait until your friendly neighbourhood cop abuses you or you child punches you in the face? The abuse of one citizen is an abuse of all citizens.

Intellectual Trolls

The Supreme Court replacement should be of great importance not only for Christians in America but within the entire world. So says a professor of theology.

If it had anything to do with justice there should be no need to differentiate its importance to any group. If Christians are responsible for the US constitution they are responsible for its progress and abuses.

The founders of the United States are not even like Moses (who had to consult God when matters if equality and diversity arose) and they made their genius certain by putting religion at a healthy distance from government and law.

Breonna Taylor

Murdered by police in her home while the person sought was in custody.


American justice smells like an untreated latrine with the odours emanating from the executive mansion, the department of justice, and circulating freely in churches, “political” rallies, and among so-called Christians in the United States and Canada.

People Licensed to Kill are liable

Justice delayed is questionable justice