First Nations Remembered

“Not again” has a become a popular response to accidents, outlaw behaviour, and even to the actions of the crown. Sir John A. Macdonald’s legacy is not a lot to smile about. Where did the people of British North America expect to land when they set the compass to copy the British system of government. The secrets of the privy council and the silence of the authorities as the Canadian government tried to snuff the love of freedom and ethnic dignity out of Canada’s First Nations by murdering schoolchildren must be remembered and told everyday.

Listen because you know you think you know

There was a woman who brought Yeshua, the Saviour of the world and King of Israel, a high priced gift of ointment. He appreciated the gift as preparation for his burial, and said that whenever people preach the good news about his kingdom they should tell what this woman did.

Listen until the next election

Stop talking already and listen. Racism hides all over the lansdcape. You name the realm, it is there. Our churches, schools, mosques, synagogues, associations and corporations of every kind are populated by people who know no better than what our ancestors have told us. How much of an intellect should we ascribe to a people who have allowed the ancestral traditions of Canada’s First Nations to become objects of scorn? Quebec’s government and God knows who else swears that there is no systematic racism in the Belle Province, but did Quebec ever think of elevating a first nation language to official status? A day to reflect and listen is a start, but forgive me for noticing that this first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is just necessary news and entertainment. When this parliament dissolves we wlll still have no means of knowing – Nanos poll? – how many impoverished minds have turned from justifying genocidal geniuses – like our first prime minister. We will not know how many minds will have turned from blindly supporting a militarized the police in their crack down on drug use while homicides by firearms mount. Perhaps we do not want to know who is encouraging the abuse of law and order by not taking action against racially motivated deaths of citizens. Let us keep a score card of the politicians who understand that listening to the stories of First Nations people will indicate where justice should begin and where mindless talk ends.

Two Michaels released

What a coincidence! The moment the British Columbia court learned of the recision of the United States’s extradition request it released Meng. A flight to the PRC was apparently waiting for her. Exactly what information changed the plight of two simultaneously we do not know, but the PRC apparently had flights ready for two Canadians who, as far as we can tell, were in trapped in the black hole of detention and questionable charges.

In most jurisdictions and in most cases impartial justice is scarce.

Convoluted confluence or confirmed criminal caper

Take your pick. The arms of justice can pluck us up off the street and lock you up until a prisoner on the other side of the planet walks free on account of the system working, OR pin your hopes on a political party that fears terrorism more than it dreads genocide by tank and reeducation programs.

What a coincidence!

Practically all of Canada is rejoicing this 3rd day of autumn (September 25) 2021, that two humans who were being terrorized in a legal system not known for legal transparency and clarity, are free. Canadians can lament too, because we do not know what people are doing in Shenzhen

More from the dark web

The 45th president was and still is a despicable brat, unprincipled even in business, which was his livelihood, and a proven liar. Those who admire him are a generation of vipers, xenophobes and fly-by-night warriors for justice and truth.

Do today’s intellectual minds want us to see every pastor as a theologian  and exegete, even though most of what they do is tell us what the Bible says and not what it means? 
Far too many do not read well enough to ensure our congregants have even a surface understanding of the Bible’s content.

Do you want to hear us  say that every prime minister is a very decent human being and every head of state is a kind and gentle spirit.

You know full well that believers do not hate any one, no matter how many times a psalmist might sing that he does.

Give us a break please.

Such a trashy load

Discussing the politics patterned after Britain can make infinite blah blah seem like informed foresight but is really just trash.  Canadian political leaders would like to be known as just persons who care more about others than themselves.   It beats me why anyone would say an election is unwanted and too expenive while everyone is panting for a return to normal routines.

A candidate dropped from the Liberal slate appears poised to wins a seat in the 44th parliament a few days after his sexual predation came to light. The Liberal leader wins his seat after years of the loyal opposition and parliament finding ethical shortcomings. Ethical issues are next to impossible to nail down in most societies.

Canadians want parliament to work for all the people but politicians seem incapable of seeing past their own insular theories about community, security, and noble character.  How conveniently the politicians fell silent about the murder of First Nations children! The church and all the instruments the state either did not know or thought Canadians did not need to know that children were going to school and not returning to their homes. Such a trashy load.

It is pure trash for pundits to push the story about an unwanted election.  Since the outbreak of covid19 Canadians have been longing for and agitating for a return to normal life.  They want to go to bars, churches, restaurants sporting events and theatres.  Why not the polls to speak truth to power?

Did you say “kingdom”?

A young man puts in his request

Many of would like to see ourselves in a place where we are able to influence a lot of people or at least the people in whom we have vested interests.   We believers have inherited God’s kingdom.  We are joint heirs with God’s one and only Son.  It is not as if we will ever lay eyes or hands on all that belongs to God, but we can at least position and prepare ourselves for the best possible experience of the inheritance. Yeshua insisted that his disciples keep putting the kingdom first.

Very few of us have had the opportunity to be left in charge of a great people. Solomon did not choose to be David’s heir and successor but the gravity of being the king of the united children  of Israel sunk in early. When invited to ask for whatever (he might need as head of the people) Solomon’s request still amazes us. He had arrived at this intersection after removing an adversary (1 Kings 2:46)

Executing the opposition

So the king commanded Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and he went out and fell upon him so that he died. Thus the kingdom was established in the hands of Solomon.

He was engaged in the traditional worship when the opportunity  came for him to choose something for himself from God’s glorious storehouse (1 Kings 3:5).

In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream at night; and God said, “Ask what you wish Me to give you.”

I can only encourage us to be as curious as diligent as Solomon in doing justice and following his father’s counsel and discipline.  If I urged us to be kingdom people as well as people in the ruling family I fear we would lose our grip on eternal life as surely as Solomon abandoned the ancestral pattern of faith in one true God. Then we might sharply interrogate ourselves beginning with “What faith and which deity?”.

Get the vax and get out of the bogus heroics

Remember lamb’s blood on the doorpost

People with no expertise in God’s business or medical science have been feeding us deadly junk about how triumphant life can be and encouraging people to be afraid of a vaccine. If their eyes were more functional than an idol’s they would see that the already miserable life of many is grinding to a halt. Black people living in fear is a joke. Would it not be a wonder if we could forget that “Black and proud” leads nowhere.

Who was it that has stood by watching their own politicians, their own police, their own preachers, and their own “businesses” kill, steal from, and destroy African Americans?

What is next!

Many antivaxers are fear-mongers, fully engaged with the sorcerers of our times. Moses and Aaron were not afraid of Pharaoh. The early disciples of Yeshua were not afraid of Rome or Jewish authority. We can vote with our feet and the ballot box.

“Then I will draw near to you for judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers and against the adulterers and against those who swear falsely, and against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages, the widow and the orphan, and those who turn aside the alien and do not fear Me,” says the Lord of hosts.

Malachi 3:5

Right or left wing “discussion” of covid19 is likely to be disinformation and their heroics are likely to be more genocide aimed at people who only want to live. Living in fear and mistrust can hardly be called life, and is more nightmare than American dream. The image at the top of this post came to me in the last few days – I am not interested in knowing who sent it – but that “never forget” mindset is pure bitterness and loss of humanity. Really? Never forget? What’s next? Be afraid of the bank, the church, the government, the restaurant, the school and the great outdoors?

Conservative diatribe

Three days before the election the leader of the Conservative Party turns American stoolie. Canadians do not vote on the basis of fear, anger, and pride. A day after trotting out yesterday’s leader – former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney- the two parties leading in the opinion polls seem desperate. The ethical hero of the conservative is a blight on the quest for a Canada that puts people first, not the interests of businesses.

Fear, Anger, and Pride? Really?

Our neighborhoods are not stores. Life is much more than buying and selling. The fearful, angry and proud Canadians had better stop looking south for political inspiration.