Governor-general resigns

Canada’s Vice-regal Head resigns facing a report that she tolerated a toxuc workplace.  His Honour David Only weighed in, addressing the resignation and the hoops he, a political science grad, jumped when he was appointed.  Madame Payette’s celebrity, based on her expertise as an astronaut and her “engaging” personality turned out to be a toxic mix, falling short of Canadian excellence.

Privileged persons and humanity

Canadian law applies to all Canadians and yet we see both provinces and individuals constantly trying to find exemptions from law for themselves. Our first prime minister stumbled on this very point. This is a lesson resisted by many in elevated positions, many of whom see themselves as untouchable and almighty, forgetting they are still human.

Let’s hope and pray her experience provides her an important lesson in humanity and humility.

More from the edges of the swamp

Here is another sample – two blocks – from the dark web. They think everyone who sees their corrupt shares and the shallow pool in which they swim is in league with them.

Founders of ISIS and identifying demons

Chat groups revelling in the mire

Villifying the mainstream media humans

Chat group participating in advocating jail

Should the difference between human and demon appear many chat groups would also vanish, but far too many people passing themselves off as activists and kindergarten bullies.

Too bad, forgiveness is not a Judeo-Christian virtue. Let everyone pardon the 45th president of his lies, mayhem, incitement to sedition, and homicide. Where Moses says “Die”, Yeshua says “Go

All the mindless and Christless tropes gobbled up

Unity more important than dying

In his Christmas message Prime Minister Justin Trudeau predicts that when the pandemic is over Canadians will be stronger and more unified.

There is more than wishful political thinking in the statement. If Canadians do not unite to insulate themselves from the covid-19 virus many will not know what the end looks like. Canadians will also lose their strength if they do not isolate themselves from the madness of American style politics and religion. The official opposition in Canada is traditionally on a shaky and decaying bridge and its contribution to the strength and unity of the nation had better not be hard to find.

People are strong when they work together. People prove their togetherness when they listen to and care for one another.

Chaotic narcissism will define the remaining weeks to the Biden administration

There are people hoping that the misfiring 45 will find a way to undo his defeat. Pastors praying, decreeing and declaring the dawn of the evangelical utopia are a sign of the delusion that has gripped the globe. Even if all the judges were extremist conservative bigots there would be no Christian nation and no righteous revolution.

Tumulty and Brooks on PBS Buffalo, peering into the remaining weeks until the Biden-Harris administration, forecast chaos and narcissism. I wholeheartedly agree. A thick cloud of wrongdoing has been on display since 2016 and it has been clear all along that the GOP and its leadership are worse than farm animals in not recognizing their owners.

45 has no peacemaking bones in his body and his love is clearly totally directed to himself. The chaos may reach beyond the borders of the United States and so let us, everyone, sound the alarm wherever you are!

The evangelical playbook ripped

The phony revolution concocted by Newt Gingrich and Jerry Falwell led to the election of a corrupt and incompetent businessman to the highest office in the United States.  Allied with shady religious denominations and super churches the goals of the founding fathers got tamped down under the rise and glorification  of greed, nazism and racism.  The whole world sees now that the popular labels – conservatism and liberalism – amount to a little hill of lies. The book is wide open, its pages covered with the dust of the lowest endeavours of humanity.

We have seen in the trumpettes little of the nobility that the world needs. They need their own truth, country, and special God. These valuables have been mere idols that have resulted in the sickness that excites simple and itchy ear people.

Twenty days after the election, after the 45th president suffered over two dozen losses in court, the president-elect can finally get to the business of governing and 45 can go back to his tax-cheating hobbies. The Christians who support the GOP can say amen and let the leaders lead. They need a new playbook.

Nunavut feels the sting

Is Nunavut’s low covid19 infection count – 18 – a factor merely of distance from Canada’s large metropolitan communities and travel hubs? If it is, Toronto had better look at who really live in the city and try to fix its image of “the Good “. Of course Toronto is a good place to live, but compare it to any city in Nunavut and we are back to school for fundamental lessons about earth stewardship.

Do you know?

Winning by a lot – just another lie from the golf course

It is reported that the golfer has stopped looking at the only process for confirming the people’s will in the 2020 election – the counting  – yet he tweeted “I WON BY A LOT” or something like that.  Truth be told, his crooked ways have apparently caught up with him and the warm truth of decency has closed the holes on him.


While the golfer was winning by a lot the people of the United States were winning back the office of the president by electing for the first time a 77 year old devoted public servant and senator.  The 46th president will have a dedicated public servant as Vice President.  Legacy is in the making.

I imagine even the balls refused to cooperate with the golfer and stole his holes

The 45 jams again

On the evening of November 5th potus45 pretended to be addressing the American people but he simply put his feet firmly in his mouth and attacked the very process he is depending on to protect him for another four years from the mountain of criminal charges that awaits him. Where were the Attorney General and (keep-Mr. PRESIDENT-honest) Vice President when such a cloud of deceit was pouring out of the chief executive?

Pity is due as 45 wriggles and writhes in the grip of the mighty boa of the American voter, and they are who the president should be concerned about. The more he wriggles the tighter the constrictor coils.

America needs a gunsmith

The cheering crowd in the roon was not expected to be sober or conscientous. A small cadre seems ever eager to applaud everything 45 says: spin, hype, misdirection, sheer ignorance or malice. Hopes that an experienced person like VP Pence might take a noble stand are nearly dashed, The alliance between Christians and the agenda of the fundamentalist evangelicals and extreme religious groups should have been reviewed and rebuked when 45 came down staircase badmouthing Mexicans and when he called for a ban on Muslim immigration. Gunsmiths are hard to find.

Expecting a corrupt and seriously indebted businessman to act in any principled way is like expecting our robber-shepherds to be either the hammer or the anvil God needs in finding application of His word. Jams are inevitable, but the only way to imagine that they are not accidents is to assume that 45 and his Christian allies are all closet enemies if Christ’s disciples.