Two Michaels released

What a coincidence! The moment the British Columbia court learned of the recision of the United States’s extradition request it released Meng. A flight to the PRC was apparently waiting for her. Exactly what information changed the plight of two simultaneously we do not know, but the PRC apparently had flights ready for two Canadians who, as far as we can tell, were in trapped in the black hole of detention and questionable charges.

In most jurisdictions and in most cases impartial justice is scarce.

Convoluted confluence or confirmed criminal caper

Take your pick. The arms of justice can pluck us up off the street and lock you up until a prisoner on the other side of the planet walks free on account of the system working, OR pin your hopes on a political party that fears terrorism more than it dreads genocide by tank and reeducation programs.

What a coincidence!

Practically all of Canada is rejoicing this 3rd day of autumn (September 25) 2021, that two humans who were being terrorized in a legal system not known for legal transparency and clarity, are free. Canadians can lament too, because we do not know what people are doing in Shenzhen

Such a trashy load

Discussing the politics patterned after Britain can make infinite blah blah seem like informed foresight but is really just trash.  Canadian political leaders would like to be known as just persons who care more about others than themselves.   It beats me why anyone would say an election is unwanted and too expenive while everyone is panting for a return to normal routines.

A candidate dropped from the Liberal slate appears poised to wins a seat in the 44th parliament a few days after his sexual predation came to light. The Liberal leader wins his seat after years of the loyal opposition and parliament finding ethical shortcomings. Ethical issues are next to impossible to nail down in most societies.

Canadians want parliament to work for all the people but politicians seem incapable of seeing past their own insular theories about community, security, and noble character.  How conveniently the politicians fell silent about the murder of First Nations children! The church and all the instruments the state either did not know or thought Canadians did not need to know that children were going to school and not returning to their homes. Such a trashy load.

It is pure trash for pundits to push the story about an unwanted election.  Since the outbreak of covid19 Canadians have been longing for and agitating for a return to normal life.  They want to go to bars, churches, restaurants sporting events and theatres.  Why not the polls to speak truth to power?

The immorality of Government mandates

(It’s not necessarily governments that will restrict what you do without vaccination. Private business can and will hold you accountable in many, many ways.)

The above is the disinformation, the “final pitch” at the end of an article decrying vaccine passports.

Since when did government need to get the approval of every citizen before imposing its will? Since when did a dozen religions, four political parties and score of First Nations decide what is moral in Canada? If Christianity and Judaism, sharing a guidebook, do not agree on what is immoral how can we expect Islam or any other religious group (with divergent narratives of the common “book”) to align with the so-called Judeo-Christian foundations of western societies?

Immorality does not begin or end with the restriction or affirmation of rights. What right is it that one defends to make neighbours sick and leaves oneself exposed to death? We are phishing for individual rights that override the common safety and integrity. It is the same problem that plagues the union movement: individuals wanting their situation to define the interests of the collective. Freezing temperatures in hell will mark the beginning of the era when human rights are secondary to ignorant and insensitive privilege.

Canadians go to the ballot box to eject the 44th parliament

Sunday August 15

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces the Governor General’s dissolution of the 43rd parliament and the launch of the political race. September 20th is the next election day.

Look out for huge spending promises, groundless claims of accountability for the public purse, and a gut-wrenching array of moves to ensure Canada’s First Nations and all the oppressed minorities see an end to the erosion of their rights. Watch for religous interference and US style exploitation of the press and the right to free speech.

Canada will speak, and I pray it is a loud and clear message that Canada does not need to copy any nation in order to maintain its integrity. Get out and vote!

Just saying no is not against the vaccine

“No” no longer means “no” as long as a whataboutism is available. It is eyeopening that actively protesting mandatory procedures just became popular when our morality has revolved for centuries around an activity-free agenda.

Is that like a Black  motorist answering the question when pulled over by a cop?

The cop will either “serve” – (say this first) or oppress you. You won’t need to say the second. Things will unfold as programmed.

Where were these concerned citizens when our leaders over the last century were destroying young lives with copycat financial and drug polices. Since when did Caribbean thought leaders support human rights. I guess they can’t shake copying the use of a popular soundbyte, “projecting the rights of victims and oppressors”. What other mandated life-saving or lifestyle processes are they going to protest?

Island covid-19 spike

It is ominous development when an island state reports a peaking number of virus cases at this stage of the pandemic. Some regions of the world will suffer worse than Italy and the Brazil, not because of anti-vax sentiment and activism. Many more thousands are being sentenced by business-friendly politicians to death. They have been in a hurry to be “open for business” from the time the first measures against the virus were taken.

Hawaii has just reported upwards of 500 new cases, a record for the island state. If an isolated island can experience such a downturn where do crowded and connected jurisdictions like Los Angeles or Montreal stand?

Woe to those who think opening up for business with mere lipservice regard for virus control statistics is a humane policy.

Kid no mo’

Genocide is assumed to be the most heinous crime. I have always thought that Britain and Spain have to pay for the tribes they have made disappear. Some islands in the Caribbean have no First Nations left and those powers think they can just apologize and life goes on merrily. Kid us no more. The continuing disappearance of Canada’s First Nations women and children will not be adequately addressed if the Vatican apologizes to the First Nations of Canada and faces no day in court. Please, kid us no more!

The kidding about western or eastern goodness must end

Pol Pot, the PRC, a host of ancient empires, and all those kingdoms who have made large groups disappear without having to answer to the human collective have no lucky stars to thank. The modern homicidal ventures only get more press and no one but the utterly corrupt will find reasons to make genocide palatable. A day of reckoning is dawning. The sea is revealing its homicide secrets as predicted.

Our morality had better be consistent with the supreme powers of the justice of the cross. We had better work hard on this opportunity to love mercy, execute justice, and walk humbly. Governments will never be bastions of grace, mercy, and justice, but people who are can influence government to recognize that people – all people deserve a lot more dignity. What is going to happen in the Roman Catholic Church as a response to its involvement in genocidal activities is a matter for a more profound reflection on what it means to be servants of Light, champions of education and conscientious citizens contributing to solving social issues. Let’s pray and work for a brighter day. Kid us no more!

Who elected the police?

Five Toronto city councillors are reported to want an end to police enforcement of an order evicting the homeless residents from encampments around the city. It is clear that the encampments operate on the fringe of society where the residents are vulnerable to disease, exploitation by anarchists and professional protesters. No one doubts that evictions usually follow legal residencies gone bad. Encampments have no legal genesis. It should be sufficient for encamping homeless to be asked to leave and accept common housing arrangements. It is not. Someone may seeking to be a hero for the homeless.

Which part of enforcement do elected reps not understand?