Self-awareness banished

All the press secretaries of the 45th president are going to be mindless automatons who think they are living in the 1930s, a time when a German leader strutted, lied, ranted, raged, spewed hate and distrust of one another, and robbed a people of their dignity. Heil Mindless MAGA Mobsters.

Christians have joined a movement just like the German outrage, with an unmasked hatred for anything non-Caucasian, a passion for despising strangers, blind self-love, corruption, nepotism, criminal enterprises and self-pity.

Who will be believe that American Christians and Republican leaders have an honest or courageous bone left in their bodies after 8 years of opposing, with evident personal malice, the thoughtful and honourable 44th President Barack Obama? Only those who have sold their souls to robotically repeat bigoted sayings and have no sense of where and when they are.

Powerless Sleep-walking potus45

When sitting with Vladimir Putin potus45 turns into a starter gun: loud noise and nothing more.  When the National Rifle Association sits him down he reverts to the spineless uninformed and heartless version of his best self. When his nation needs a pilot he courts oligarchs, despots and authoritarian leaders and uses their terms define current as affairs: shipwreck.  He is incapable of speaking a single coherent sentence, even when his nation is in another bloody crisis. Can anyone wake the sleep-walking buffoon?

Truthful rhetoric has the following shape

I am not a racist because (or “I am sorry for my racist behavior…”

  • My dad…
  • My mother…
  • My school…
  • My business experience…
  • My political convictions…
  • My religious experience

Potus45 failed again on August 7, 2019, just as he did in business (his only claim to fame). The GOP is also stuck in a power sleep-walking round. Its only concern is that the end of rape, the end of religious bigotry,  the end of the exploitation of the voters,  Brown people women and children are on the horizon. May God rouse the bigot or at least shake his wife as a witness to the nobility of the American spirit.

Turtle Island was in better hands when the bison roamed free

Commander of the Churls

The likes of Pence, Santorum, Conway, and McConnell will see no opportunity for repentance in the familiar bloodshed of innocence. To apologize for decades of criminal and evil seems out of reach and not even desirable. 

To expect an unprincipled buffoon to understand the evils of bigotry or take action to eradicate its grip, to lead the nation in mourning, to lead the nation in healing from its gaping wound of innocent blood is a pipedream.

Potus45 cannot do it

The hordes of fine Christian people will see no injustice in the wall policy and nationalist filth that pours out of the White House and many houses of worship, and will not urge the bigot-in-chief to apologize.

End of a seance

Lying, amoral, Sarah leaves without ever facing the truth. There are no alternative routes for the corrupt Huckabee. Straight to ignominy.

Her boss is a vile, high priest of neo-nazis and CEO of a criminal enterprise

I’d love to hear that demoniac’s comments in Sunday school and relish throwing her to the dogs.

Her kids will one day ask “Mommy, how could you?” and her eyes will twitch and her lip curl as she hauls another whopper into the chamber of her poisonous gullet.