South Africa hails ANC poll lead, pressure on Zuma – Yahoo! Canada News

Good news from South Africa!

South Africa hails ANC poll lead, pressure on Zuma – Yahoo! Canada News

The South African people now have someone from whom to demand answers, according to Marius Bosch’s article.  It does seem that voters are purposefully  united to join “change of government” with “change of fortune”.  If life needs to change at the level of who governs the state; the producer, then there needs to be a change – for the better – in the product.

The Call for change by voters across the globe has consistently gone out.  Voters are being franchise (wise) about what their politicians say and do.  US President Barack Obama is now walking the tightrope between change and reality (things as they are).  In Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Canada, the UK,  all are expecting change and are discovering that some things resist change.

At the demise of apartheid all south African people became stakeholders in their nation’s wealth.  The wealth has not reached the masses of the people.  Some changes are inevitable. The sharing of earth’s resources should NOT be the a hindrance to solving the globe’s dilemmas.  A change is long overdue in some aspects of human life.

Christian people understand this need for change.  In their repentance,  they surrender to God’s view of things.  In real life they say “Amen” to and thank God for life’s fortunes,. Without the ladder experience one gets bogged down in endless flaming of this and that.

Mr Zuma may very well falter at the wheel and lose an election to his rivals because he did not make a change.  Five yeas is all he has.  We should all have some one who can answer the call for change when we make it.