Human and Urgent Needs

As the world turns, States with significant Muslim populations are turning on their leaders and calling for the one undeniable need, freedom.  Some leaders are slow on getting the message, others have either gotten out of the way of their young citizens or are making reforms as fast as they can.  The surge of protests have uncovered a fatal flaw; there is no urgency among the leaders to breathe the air of jubilee.

The Saudi kingdom, long hidden behind xenophobic regulations, has been reported declaring all protests as violations of Islamic law.  Loathe to admit that what is most attractive to all humans has been denied the majority of Muslims, the Saudi Kingdom has shown its ignorance of human nature and its tampering with the divine rights of every individual on the planet.  How could denying one individual’s human rights not end in the denial of the rights of all?

The die is cast.  Saudi citizens cannot protest except when the state say so.  The Saudi state is always right.  There are no miscarriages of justice in the land of the Stone.   One can only wonder what happens when corruption and nepotism explodes within the House of Saud.  Maybe then humans in the Saudi kingdom (read royal family) will have their urgent human needs recognized.

I can protest and say no to any offer or proposal.   I can also predict that Canada will never become an Islamic state.  Stay tuned for the unmasking of Islam –  sitcoms and separate schools nothwithstanding – and the shock of Canadian Muslims relinquishing their right to protest, and sharing that space with other religious robots.  Such is the power of religion that poses as governance and likes to be known as the guardian of  the most urgent of human needs.