The Kingdom is like a Royal Person

Of course the kingdom of heaven shares qualities with royalty. Yeshua was very specific when he said that the kingdom of heaven was to be likened to an anthropos basilei. Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants (Mat. 18:23)

What did Yeshua mean by adding king (basilei) to the definition of man’s likeness to the kingdom? To be specific, it is not a man or king that is like the kingdom of heaven, it is the actions of the man and the outcomes that help us see what the kingdom of heaven is like. We can see a that the kingdom of heaven is also not merely like a person, but is usually likened to a person who does certain things. In this case, the person whose activities mirrors or explains the kingdom of heaven is a king.
The pressure to make this a male ruling person is reduced by the very presence of an’thropos. Our Lord was not referring to a male ruling person but to a king-type of person whose actions help us understand kingdom accounting processes.

The details are quite ordinary and regular but the recommendation is strong and unwavering :the servant who could not pay received compassion, the loosing of his bonds, and the forgiveness of his debt. (27).

Our freedom is at stake if we withhold forgiveness from our contemporaries. The heavenly Father is watching this very thing.

The heavenly Father will lock you up until you pay what you owe if you do not forgive your debtors (32).

The divine accounting is more often linked with punishment than with pardon and release, but this parable establishes divine priorities with the idea that we must be ready to forgive because our own status depended (and depends) on divine forgiveness. This is royal character at its best. Christ on the cross and his followers on the road to life forgive. This is the spirit that defines the king and his children.