Harassing the Hopeful

Some examples of prayer are so predictable that it is highly unlikely that there really is a God “on the phone”. This kind of prayer fails to address the heavenly Father and amounts to childish recitations and Pharisaic posturing that harass believers instead of giving them hope.
I have been hearing examples of prayer where the content is not addressed to God. It is mostly speech-making that tells either God or the audience what we know or believe. Typically this type of prayer then deteriorates into decrees that are hostile to Christ’s plans, contain heretical views, and have no evidence of effectiveness.

No believer is asked to do all things and no one has done all things. Only God can do all things and there are things He does not do.

Believers should learn how to pray and adopt a strategy for dealing with life’s persistent needs. Preachers cannot decree away all adversity. Do they get sick? Do they have family problems? Who are they trying to impress? The same God and Jesus did not heal Paul or Lazarus. Why are believers being told that God wants to heal everyone? Why do believers get sick and die?
Those whose sins are forgiven need not listen to this kind of harassment. People need hope and no one gets everything in place in this life. Otherwise what would be the reason for hope? Healing sick folk is not a major deal at all. Teaching them to observe what Yeshua commanded is the major deal that follows conversion. People do not go to church to get their problems solved. There are enough government and NGO services that can and do a great job at relieving human suffering.

If people are sick they know where to go. According to Yeshua, that is to a physician. Believers go to church to be edified.

Stop the shortsighted madness! Believers get sick and die every day. Have you seen one raised in the last 2000 years? How many have you raised in the last 3 years?

Let the harassment of God’s people end and let us give believers real hope of verifiable ministry of the word and not the same miracle stories over and over again. Real hope is grounded in what Christ has done and will do.