Quebec: nation or province

Fine speeches about Canadian sovereignty is a baby-powder place for Bloc Quebecois leader Blanchet to start or finish taking aim at Canadian politics. It smells all nice and hypnotic if you are are person expecting something world-changing from Canada’s francophones. Canada is not much to write home about even when you are a former separatist trying to convince Quebecers that Canada needs a makeover. The devious smirk on Blanchet’s face disappears into an envious disguise, because Canada’s parliament is still a place where smashers like like him can hide behind the walls of privilege, still he thinks that monarchy is archaic and ridiculous. If Quebec decides whether it is a nation or a province Canadian premiers might see the need to have constitutional talks.

The Bloc’s crossed eyes

Will some one tell the Bloc that only the winning party is tasked with governing the country for four years? Working to bring down the government is juvenile, illegal and satanic. Surely opposition ought to have some constructive criticism? The Bloc represents a shrinking demographic and it might disappear from the political landscape if it does not start addressing what is important to all Canadians. I cannot help but think that the political silos of the Canadian scene are simply delay tactics in accepting the national debt to the First Nations of Canada. Nation-building is apparently beyond the payscale of most parliamentarians. It would not surprise me if people of Canada resorted to extreme local government and abolish the traditions of provincial legislatures and national government and be represented by the city governments. At least we would not be waiting 100 years to see government for all the people in action daily.

Behold the contortion of justice

A man creates a lie about election fraud in plain sight, whips up an insurrection in plain sight in pursuit of staying in office after losing the election, goes to court 60 times and fails to convince a single judge that American elections are rigged and he is not charged with a crime two years later. This same man walks off with classified documents and insists they are his, lies through his lawyers that he has conducted a diligent search to ensure that he has surrendered all government property, and is found to have yet more, and eighteen months later he is not charged with a crime.  Another man mishandles classified government documents and is indicted and remanded in custody within weeks of the investigation, and that is about one month after the documents appeared online.   I have yet to be convinced that American justice is any more equally applied than the court that found Jesus of Nazareth guilty of blasphemy.  Perhaps people are waiting to see manifest frauds like McConnell, McCarthy, and Graham, Gaetz, Boebert, Green and Jordan confess that the GOP is a death cult, firmly in the grip of legal loopholes and idle patriotism.

Equal Justice, Rare but Still Precious

People with pure minds and unsoiled hands

It is not the great constitutions and common law conventions that define a society.  People with books, supposedly chock-full of divine, and therefore, superior wisdom and guidance, are the most prone to atrocious practices, and history will confirm the fact. Let us not think that people in China, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Venezuela, Mexico do not recognize the massive failures of two Booked people, the Muslim and the Jew.  The more observant one becomes in either of these two traditions, the more unlikely is any kind of peace, truce or  detente between the communities.

The hounds of mifepristone and women

Justices Alito and Thomas write dissenting opinions to the Texas judge’s ruling against a drug serving women’s health because they are the most unapologetically MAGA-minded justices, and Thomas for sure, is the most bribe-compromised.  The other seven keep their opinions secret because it is too embarrassing to be seen questioning scientific research or they may be afraid (!) of the MAGA mob. Views such as these held by justices of the Supreme Court are not as contorted as the views of Christians who see the cross (✝️) and can only bring themselves to talk about the pain that Christ endured.  All the talk that focuses on the passion as if it was an instance of injustice misses the mark by a thousand light years.  God’s justice, His show of righteous is not acceptable to self-righteous and brainwashed believers.  Believers who say they are saved and owe God something in recognition of his incomparable gift are bribe-compromised and filthy dreamers.  God’s gift of salvation via the cross has no “buts”

Never grasping the meaning of FREE and RIGHTEOUSNESS

It has not been more clear that what people call righteousness and what God offers as righteousness are two different animals.

“But now apart from the Law the righteousness of God has been manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation in His blood through faith. This was to demonstrate His righteousness, because in the forbearance of God He passed over the sins previously committed;”

Romans 3:21-25

HUMAN OBEDIENCE to God’s law is a joke, a childish game, a hit and miss routine, a try and try again shooting gallery, an ever-learning and never-graduate school.  None of those believers who are committed to keeping all of God’s law will accept their children’s repeating disobedience, yet they keep repeating the mantra of “keeping God’s commandments” without a line on Jesus who died and rose from the dead to bring them righteousness or justification.  Do they really believe that Christ justified sinners by not breaking any of God’s (Ten) Commandments, or did he justify people by dying and rising from the dead?

All for the right to bear arms

The right to life passes right over the US Rep. Donalds’ head as he tries to appear to be a champion of the US constitution. Jake Tapper gives Representative Byron Donalds several leading questions to admit that who lawmakers that do nothing about gun violence are appearing as inhumane. Rep. Donalds kept putting the right to bear arms above all law, jurisprudence and common decency, even when asked directly – with a closed question – to address the murder of innocent children in their schools. The way Rep. Donalds contended for the GOP position on stronger measures to curb gun violence gives us pause to consider whether American representatives are really enjoying being either paranoid juveniles or gun-toting insurrectionist adults.

The God and the Country

it is safe to assume that Republicans are decided on putting the Right to Bear Arms above the right to live. For a Black man to be in that position with the Republican party is exceptionally damning and embarrassing. That people are people is not up for Democrat or Republican vote and policy preference. If the God and the Constitution, that go with country are mere words to be celebrated and defended without giving daylight to a sacred debt to humanity’s welfare then we understand that the people’s harmony cannot be sacrificed for partisan animus, malicious intent and hostility. With a rifle always close at hand it is a good thing to hang on to the right to care about others, and keep between us, whatever our view of the common earth-bond may be, that good old golden rule. Right?

Jake Tapper tries, in vain, to get a Republican member of the House of Representatives to earn humane credit

Proving that they are really against the right to life

The Republicans will never agree that amendments to the constitution are the cause of much of the national debilitating impasses. When the leader of the Republican party is unable to answer questions under oath without the use of the Fifth Amendment but he persistently spreads the lie that he lost the last election due to fraud by election officials, and the lie still grips the Republican Party after 60 trips to the courts, it is clear that Freedom of Expression and the Right To Bear Arms are in serious conflict. It is about time Americans wise up or grow up.

Donalds and his leader (from

Straight offer or exaggeration?

“Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” (John 14:13, NASB)

How close we can come to calling GOD a liar can be illustrated by the way we weaken the force of this saying.

  • We never say, “We must have a clear conscience” following 1 John 3:21
  • We say, “We must be doing God’s will” to get what we ask for, meaning one must be sinless, following 1 John 3:21
  • We say, “we cannot ask for mere consumables”, taking a cue from James 4:2
  • We say, “We must ask in accordance with God’s will”; he will only give what is in his will

Does whatever mean whatever?

A strange analogy but not the truth

The British and American peoples are neither Israel nor Judah. The late Herbert W. Armstrong, a well-known heretic, posing as a scholar of biblical matters, made a lastng impression on many in the last century when he used to circle the globe assuring people that Christ has a plan for the government of world. Beyond that, Mr. Armstrong was just another White man trying to make the case for white supremacy.  The United States and the United Kingdom are a truly strange phenomenon because they are anything but united, and their roots seldom match their fruits.

There is no case for global Mosaic government

The coming world government will not be based on Levitical conventions, nor on the Sinai Covenant. Who, after carefully examining the wordfs and works of the Anointed King of Israel, Yeshua aof Nazareth, would presume to place the welfare of the entire globe on the juvnile pride in days, months, years, food and drink, and perishable rituals? Not me.

No genuine Christian witness turns the keys of the kingdom over to Moses

Ten Comandments, the observation of days, months, years,  have never been the focus of anyone in the chirch of Jesus Christ except those supposedly converted Jews who thought that the Church was just another sect of Judaism.  The New Testament witnesses to James, the Lord’s brother, leading a faction dominated by Pharisees who harassed the early disciples to become followers of accept circumcision and to adopt the law of Moses as the foundation of the Messianic kindgom. Paul called the whole shebang juvenile rubbish.  They failed, and yet today, two millennia later, we still can still observe the distinction between the Spirit’s leading and the incitement of demons.

Crowned heads and David

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.

1 Timothy 4:1-3, NASB

The British and American people speak neither Hebrew, Aramaic, or any related language. They both have denied people the right to marry, particularly interracial marriage, just as Jew-Gentile ordinary interactions were forbidden.  They have not demonstrated any readiness to adopt the best of the Israel’s patriarchal, levitical, or royal traditions.  David never made slaves of foreigners, and he had no delusions of empire.  The British and American peoples have embraced the worst traits of ancient Israel: xenophobia, inhumanity to humans and animals, racism, genocidal traits, and the love of hypocrisy.  All the talk about the Ten Commandments as supreme instruction can never erase the crimes all three have committed.  Their whoredom – sipping at every fountain – is increasingly apparent, and all the hype about keeping the Ten Commandments is a denial of Yeshua’s own teaching about righteousness.  Man’s essential problem is not a legal issue; it is is trust matter.  How do we know?  The solution to sin is not law, but faith in the Son of God.  The key to salvation is not correcting behaviour, but exercising faith and accepting a new layer to hope, interpersonal connections, and reliability.

Salvation is a today and one-by-one thing, not a future government

Mr. Weston’s refried beans dinner of British and American Israelitism and a deadly dabble in politics will remain fringe and cultish.  He and Mr. Armstrong have never demonstrated even the  elementary submission to the sovereignty of Yeshua.  They have failed to connect with the apostles’ witness concerning Yeshua’s death and resurrection.  Who gives a rodent’s rear end if the Scots and Brits sincerely believe that they have a stone from the experience of Jacob?  When His Majesty Charles III takes the throne, it will not matter if an ancient stone is under him but whether the vows he makes to honour God and serve the people are genuine.  Ancient does not make right or ideal.

I smell a rat

I have always wondered why only two provinces have a provincial police force and the rest apparently have been satisfied with Canada’s national force serving as provincial police.  Is it because they wanted to appear above popular scrutiny or is it because a provincial police force allows provincial revenue to be spent on interests that can be artificially labelled as heritage and more important than law enforcement?  I do not know, but, despite the rationales and historic perspectives, I smell a rat. 

Where’s that rodent?

A mass shooting in Nova Scotia opens up a door into the culture of both the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Nova Scotia NIMBY attitude.  Who would have thought that Canada’s superlatively picturesque region could be so violated by senseless violence as to have the region terrorized for hours by a lone gunman! “Not in my back yard” is an unfounded pride. If cities can have large budgets for an ever-increasing range of police services I wonder why a province with anti-authority sentiments, such as Alberta, wants us to think that they can have Canada’s national police force covering the needs of such a population. Maybe those provinces with no provincial police force want us to believe that with the federal authority as police force citizens have no need to be concerned about law enforcement going off the rails.

Who is being observed? The rodent or the lab assistant?

As a result of the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting we are hearing that the RCMP cannot be trusted because of political entanglements. We are hearing that the RCMP cannot be trusted because of Interpol ising culture that does not really help the citizens. Is the rodent being observed or is the rodent the researcher? Should we not have expected the RCMP to be on watch to prevent crime, and what shall we say has become of the cop-on-the-beat safeguarding citizens in their homes and in their communities? Maybe you do not smell a rat, but the absence of a clear narrative from law enforcement about how thousands of children disappeared while in the care of religious and educational organizations and women disappearing from our communities amounts to a smell one can hardly ignore. Maybe you smell a a fish? Carrion of some sort?

People can change

Egyptians are building no pyramids in the twenty-first century and they still depend on the waters of the Nile. The Fertile Crescent is no longer a place where a man can migrate his 300 plus family and livestock to a new country thousands of kilometres away. The Iraqi people, the successors of the great and golden Babylonians, live in a world where any thoughts of being in charge of the world as far as their boots could reach has to be a result of a mental illness. The Chinese people are still scared of the outside world, making the national army the living version of the famous terra cotta figurines. Across the globe tribalism, greed and political buffoonery are keeping people from acting as humans, and spilling innocent blood. People can change and the conclusion rests on the transition between the changed and the changer.

The inhumanity of people rides a conquering horse

Can people change?

People can change the environment and landscape more decisively than they can change their minds. The will power to change behaviour is a shallow pool and saying yes to the contents of a viral and even noble video does not change the composition of the human heart. People are still liars, selfish, rebellion-prone, proud and stuck in their traditional silos. People change from squirming infants, to precocious juveniles, to focused adults right before our eyes. “People change” ought to be observed first in families, then in villages, then in cities, then in nations. Something else is riding a conquering horse in the arena of people change. It is nevertheless a rare thing indeed for people to change themselves from inhumane beings headed for the grave. To quote from a two-term and unsullied American president’s campaign slogan, “Yes, we can”.

Don’t believe the miraculous flakes on TV

No one is swimming in an ocean of miracles, even with a tiny bit of faith.  Copeland’s a rich moron who is quite likely to be a stranger to Christ. Popoff is a scammer exposed as such multiple times. Pastor Schuller is the only American minister with a television program showing any signs of growth in grace and Messianic knowledge.  What a straight path he has cut away from his dad’s “possibility gospel”!    If the passage of time as saved persons does not bring us to the undisputed preeminence of Yeshua I do not know what will.  I have met people who have been disciples for two years who are more disciplined than pastors who have decades of stories of amazing visions and miracles.  The more we look at the Risen Christ the more we should be able to separate him from thieves and robbers.  Thinking biblically is just not a thing these days.  The truth of the Gospel is the opposite of racism, misogyny and xenophobia, and gospel truth, the man Messiah Yeshua, has not even one voice in the wilderness calling American and Canadian society on their crimes, the same crimes –  racism, misogyny and xenophobia – that first century people observed in the assault on the Church’s freedom from Mosaic law and Jewish tradition.  With people like Mike Pence and Jim Jordan parading as principled Christians, Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham posing as caring human beings, we know we have caught the raindrop ascending; our eyes are popping.  Snowflakes and flaky people love it where the air is warm.

“The Truth of the Gospel” is Christ’s anti-racism indictment

You have to be literate exclusively on a King James version level to not connect the phrase “gospel truth” with the racist practices of people like James (of the general letter in the New Testament) and the host of Jews who faked conversion while clinging to the delusion that “Gentiles need Moses”.  Bible teachers who churn out books, study guides disguised as insightful commentary, and stories of miracles, evidently do not recognize the value of Greek and Hebrew texts.  The only way to make oneself a true disciple of the Apostles is to be able to sit with their words as written or to admit that that is where the intimacy with them  lies, not in the arguments in a commentary but in proper exegesis of what the apostles wrote.  I do not want to try to explain why there are so many heretics these days except to say there is a broad road leading to destruction and most religious people or believers have little interest and therefore no diligence in showing themselves to be accurate interpreters of the Gospel.  Indeed, when the gospel is said to revolve around the Sinai Covenant we know that fabrications  and hypocrisy are more important than what Christ and his chosen witnesses taught.

Other flakes pretending to be warriors

There is a crude attempt to appear devoted to inclusiveness by television personalities.  They are ordinary employees of media enterprises, who will, for example,  say what authorized people have said, and then they get experts to tell their audiences  what events mean.  They are not even allowed to be critical because if they do we end up with the Fox spectacle.  When television and radio news anchors become critical they expose fascism, misogyny, genocidal tendencies,  open racism, and the class biases that have plagued societies from day one.  Democracies do not have to convince or please every critic, because we know that the prevalent criticisms, including the parliamentary ones,  in the short histories of Canada and the United States have kept the civic society needle at a meagre 33%.  We are not going to tally up the things we have in common and arrive at a thriving society.  Do we suppose that Jews and Palestinians cannot find enough common threads to live in peace? That may be the case, and American politicians are rightly not convinced that white people have enough in common with black and brown people.

“More that unites human beings than divides them” is a blind man’s guide

Pastors lose their credibility for not knowing where their parishioners live

“Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.”

1 Chronicles 12:32

The whiplash from men like MacArthur and Stanley is homicidal.  They are killing us respectively with their warrior mentality and sweet Jesus morality. Real humility is not a value we find in the absolute standard of Mosaic Law.  You can’t be a follower of Christ and cling to a morality that is not cruciform.  There is no glory to God from people who have less than perfect bodies, occupations, and families. You can quickly find them railing against murderers, unfaithful spouses and homosexuals, but we have yet to hear a single word  from them about lying politicians and crooked and perverse religious leaders.  Is it because they hope to create a new America that parallels the Islamic states with ruthless destruction of wrongdoers? It surely seems that way.  With judges who will look the other way when racism, inequality of economic opportunity, misogyny and xenophobia prevail, America is more like the Israel and the Judah Yahweh sent into exile for their lip service and hypocrisy.  The times that interest American pastors are the good old days of slavery,  racism and unrestrained homicide, the days when they can sit in resplendent hypocrisy in church beside people about whom they care little.

Physician! Heal yourself!

One thing is certain: pastoral ministry has not shown itself trusted by God with healing powers over sickness and disease.  Not even a headache comes to church for healing.  Then again, how does one prove a headache? Proof of healing power can easily be focused on jails and hospitals.  Shall I mention the morgues and funeral homes? How is it that so few are healed of greed, mental laziness, lying lips,  and cowardice.  I am sure you have wondered why a healing or a revelation seems to come with Baalistic chanting, bodies trembling, and falling to the ground. Wonder we must, because none of the Biblical signs occurred with the charismatic or pentecostal dramatics. Whatever happened to mustard seed size faith? Whatever happened to “speak the word”? How many organs does God have to heal before people recognize that healing, unlike blood-bought salvation, is temporary and often without evidence.

The power we dream of and the corruption we court

For the proof of religious impotence we need to look no further than the last presidency of the United States, the 45th, where the spectacle of every half-blind Tom, Dick, and Harry can be ordained as gospel ministers who care only about tithes and offerings, stupid political slogans, foolish and robotic support for the state of Israel and greedy alliances with broken nations in the Middle East and Asia.  Look no further than the State of Israel where today law is a complete sham, and none of the kingdom things prescribed and pursued apply to the government. They are neither law-abiding, compassionate nor gracious.  Corporate entities are not people and we know why Republican types want to see the IRS defanged. Those “disciples” of Christ affirming the Ten Commandments as the rock of their Christian experience can only be verified as the guardians of the failed traditions of the patriarchs, the prophets and hardcore followers of the scribes and Pharisees of New Testament times.

Flaky people on television are mostly idolaters. They are convinced that God and their country are equals. They do not read. They are only great at reciting. There is no morality more impressive than loving one’s neighbour. Once we shove their own books up in their face they will close their eyes, as if literature is a blinding light or a nauseating mess they are afraid to look at. As for those who are always selling a book or a study guide I have to say even an experienced man like Charles Stanley and an apparently informed teacher like John MacArthur are often caught respectively spinning literally incredible webs of hate and Mosaic morality. All the “power of faith” sycophants are using their mouth and anus like the rest of us, growing old and are grave-bound. I have been watching these guys for decades and their failure to put Yeshua first is hard to miss. “Jesus” is always a tack-on, a tombstone on their Solomonic wisdom and Mosaic heartlessness. I have to imagine that churches in Canada and the United States are also full of flaky people posing as rocky characters. They ain’t no Simon Peter. They ain’t no John bar-Zebedee.