Bridges to Nowhere

Canada is no paragon, but it is my home and land. I hope that Canadians will change their naive course of celebrating multicilturalism without defining the core values. It seems that given the ready embrace of newcomers in the Canadian Charter we will have either a healthy integration of people or an unhealthy competition to dominate. All the cultures and religions that have surfaced in the Canadian fabric seem willing to assert their tenets as superior and worthy of a place of equal value. I, for one, do not find any reason to hope for moral excellence to emerge from the multicultural template on which we are currently focused, due to xenophobic, racist, and political strains in the many traditions.
First consideration is that is any group of people should have a value system to which we can all aspire.  Secondly, the parts of the mosaic tend to be sanitized to the extent of being hypocritical, and therefore dangerous. Believe it or not, the fabric of every society is the victim of shallowness and extremism.

Here we are, 149 years into the nation building enterprise, and we have barely scratched the surface of that monumental challenge to do justice, be reconciled, and to choose our allies with due caution.  We are protesting a la Quixote, acquiring concubines and mates like a foolish Solomon, erecting idols like Aaron’s magic golden calf, revelling in Internet without embrace our intranet: building bridges to nowhere.