That Girl Grace

Most of us know someone named “Grace”.  That would include all the Hannahs, Caras, Charitas, and so on.  Fur Christians, grace is God’s expression of His goodness to us – everyone on the planet.  The story of divine grace comes to us in the Biblical saga of the Mesopotamian Abraham and his descendants.

Grace for Christians and Jews are different beasts even though the need and the source are identical. My girl “Grace” is reason for gratitude, not pride in achievement or acquisition. The notion of grace is scorned by people who consider themselves self-sufficient aces. Grace is for cripples and beggars, but no individual or nation has yet shown mastery of this place we call home. We are all, somehow, missing the mark of master. We are at the mercy of upheavals of nature and people in motion.

Grace is definitely not a statue; she is motion personified, moving those who are willing to new vistas of peaace, contentment and joy. So why do so many people despise Grace? Why are so many people content to live in the shadow of their own achievements, no matter how fleeting or minuscule?

Standing in need of assistance is very human, from birth to death, and people either stand afar off aand claim to know Grace when in reality Grace is accessed only by intimacy. So are we really gods or humans? The answer is too obvious: ingratitude and inhospitable attitudes are the favourite halos of the present generation. When a new set of eyes begin to peer into the secret chambers of productive life Grace will no longer be an orphan or find herself neglected.