Sin on the Rocks?

Are there 10 types of sin as in the decalogue? Are there two types of sin: against God and against humanity? If there are 10 or 2 what could have prevented us from arriving at the eradication of sin, especially when legislators are expected to make laws to prevent recurrence. Thankfully, those who face condemnation are in a prison of their own choice, a choice made even after the matter was settled by Christ at the cross.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last 200 years or so for the believers, ordered up by the various church alliances and by unique fellowships has been a steady diet of “bigger, more, and better” propaganda. This phenomenon demonstrates that the prevailing interests are the continued oppression and insult of the people we ought to be helping. People are more scared, they are sicker and thoroughly deceived. Witness? The rose-colored spew.

Off the wall offence

The Lord’s table is an exercise of memory, and Scripture gives it no supernatural dimension. In recent memory I have witnessed the Communion service turned into an inoculation against physical death and medicine that heals the body. Now this kind of thing may not be happening in your circle, but I find it exceedingly offensive to the memory of the Saviour and a shocking witness to the shallow waters in which our colleagues in pastoral ministry are swimming.

No person can survive on a diet of what the churches are “selling”. Instead of the message of Christ that drives good things and changes lives we find a victory chant that is openly greedy, ruthless land selfish. Let’s face it: the love of money did open the floodgates of evil. Now that Solomon is a guide to spiritual life, money is a gift from God, to be loved and cherished, what legs dare we say we have?

Sin rules when one neglects the words of Christ

We can return to our first love: life before law and prophets. There is no life from the prophets and apostles or the host of miracle workers. All the mighty things those creatures have the capacity to do and say pale by comparison with the word and work of Yeshua. To him alone belongs salvation. The individual who fails to turn you over to God’s Son is an actor who cannot even read the lines. Yeshua did not merely try to correct silly concepts; he had something new to say and something new for everybody. Jews opposed him then (did not receive Him), and we stand today in the way of people who are coming to him with our imitation of Moses and the prophets, scribes and Pharisees.

A new diet is in order.

One cannot be on the rocks of Jesus’ sayings and be constantly talking about sin.

Knowing the difference between the words of Yeshua and the words of other people is where rightly dividing the word begins.

And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. Matthew 7:26

Hate Crime Rising

The vast majority of popular books are self-aggrandizing trashy fiction. For the longest while we have been hearing there’s a golden rule – love your neighbor as you love yourself – and this is all that God wants. Spare us that lipservice junk, please. God is more than that. Humans are capable of much more.

Haven’t we also been hearing that the greatest love is that a man lays down his life for his friends and the religious bigot in every religion says “Screw that too”.

That is why getting screwed is now the rising tide. The hate that’s in the human heart will keep rising until the cry rises, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the King of the universe”.

Hate crimes are the badge of every proud tribe and the excuses we have been regaled with will most certainly add to the drowning that is near, whether or not we acknowledge that our houses (church, temple, synagogue, mosque etc.) are desolate dens of injustice.

Check your books at the door. Believe the message. Cry hosanna.

A Lucrative Criminal Enterprise

On the hill in Jerusalem where God decided to put His name and house the portals of justice and enlightenment the appointed family created a business for themselves. It is not a Christian or Gentile observation. As early as the 12th century BC Samuel (1:2:12) documented the signs of abuse, and he was as close to the action as one could get.

Jeremiah (7:11) witnessed it and reported Yahweh’s evaluation.

Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the Lord.

The crimes the priests perpetrated in the name of God included extrajudicial death sentences, theft of property and by New Testament they had non-priestly allies in their oppression of the people. Scribes, who should have known better, joined them. The extremist and moderate parties were all part the lucrative temple business.

Shades of worthlessness rising

The excitement about new wealth and influence in America too closely mirrors the developments in antiquity to be bypassed. The facts, the confessions, the findings of many courts, and the speculation point to a criminal heart beating in Washington, in the Republican party, and in the newly legislated rights of churches and schools to use propaganda and innuendo. The 45th president himself is disappearing in a howling storm of criminal activity. The office itself shields him, for now.
Next, a calamitous crash,  as surely as there is a wailing wall in the Holy Land.

Mediocrity and the Downward Path

The more noise we make about humanity (“us”), our competence, achievements, and our distinctions only serves to highlight the face that hates its nose. The people who make the most noise about their own tribal lives are likely to be mediocre and trashy. We usually find them uncomfortably squirming in a scornful seat, semi-saved, semiconscious, semi literate, talking loud and saying nothing. We cannot make gold medallists of third rate athletes.

Parse that video

Truth can be a thing we fear

Truth needs minds not lips saying “yea”

Ford Sale

Ontarians seem to have bought the “open for business” slogan, if one counts election results as intelligent conclusion.  The Ontario PC party thinks that the Federal Government (headed by the Liberal Party and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau) was either wrong or ill-prepared to put its platfiorm into action.  The PC chief has shown how disconnected he can become and how quickly he will chop of his nose to spite his face, when he announced that Ontario is open for business.  What does Doug Ford have to sell?  He ought to follow the lead: cannabis decriminalization, new automobile technology, opportunity for the increasinly diverse population of new immigrants are the  trending

Since being elected to power in the last provoncial election, Doug Ford has

  1. squelched the voice of Toronto’s Grade A civic politics by decreeing the size of Toronto City Council
  2. claimed that the Federal has rushed and downloaded cannabis decriminalization onto the province
  3. shown that labour is a mere tool for elections with his spineless defence of General Motors workers in Oshawa
  4. savagely attacked social services
  5. shown an incrddible insensitivity to health care needs

He has made Ontario a “D” grade jurisdiction, and the fist evidences of that were his promise to sell beer at $1, and his delay in opening cannabis stores at least 4 months after Newfoundland opened it first stores.  Doug is a rich guy who is willing to lie to Ontarians.  That should ring the bells loudly, “Not another rich brat”.

 N A R B

Doug Ford’s play book: democracy is for getting elected, push cheap alcohol while delaying cannabis stores, opt out of the Canadian Charter (that never leads to a good place), and attack the vulnerable segments of our population.

We will see who comes to Doug’s store.  You can be sure the Innu are not moving south.   We, in our magnificent diversity, are the best catalysts for ensuring the failure of Doug’s prostitution market in Ontario,  Maybe he is expecting a rush on the border from the south, cementing the conservative and oppressive support for business.  A new kind of poverty is knocking on our doors.

Ontario needs a be a place where children and not just ecomonies grow

Today’s Limited Menu

Government cannot be run like a racist criminal real estate enterprise. The GOP and its evangelical enablers might as well be liquor-impaired. Their judgment has been faulty because they chose stupid slogans over noble ideals. If it seems that government is increasingly going to the dogs and treasure troves are turning into major landfills the chances are that politicians are surviving on an improbable diet.

Isaiah’s courage

While we are not certain about the details of the persecution of Isaiah by the Jewish people his courageous speaking of the truth would have landed him prison. The only people who dare to speak unvarnished truth to the public about government today are misguided and xenophobes and Caucasian racist extremists. They are no Isaiah.

These also reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are swallowed by wine, they stagger with strong drink, they reel in vision, they stumble in giving judgment. For all tables are full of filthy vomit, with no space left.

Isaiah 28:7-8

When your president, anointed by 30 percent of your voting population, incites violence against the media, then pretends that he is concerned about the safety of the journalists the bare backside of the your nation comes into unobstructed view. Few nations have sunk this low.

The old paleface megalomaniac chief is practically roasting in the sunlight of facts and history.

There, in plain sight with shameless bravado, are the fascist chants, the Russian extortion handcuffs, confidence in xenophobic installations, and the poorly-disguised Nazi-inspired mass murder of the innocent.

I do not listen to speeches by the gloating bigot. I gather my info from the excerpts put forward in reports.

I know that many people who say they are followers of God’s Only-Begotten Son stand behind the ignorant bigot in the white house, behind every Nazi policy, behind all the childish imperial slogans, and behind the uncaring knee jerk reactions to invented crises. This is how they make an idol of the American experience, all the while paying lipservice to decency and indulging in the prostitution that has not failed to make a byword of every nation that exalts itself. It’s time to stop deceiving ourselves about a nation of laws. There has never been a nation that has justified or dignified their own set of laws, no matter how extensive.

There’s no sunshine in the deep

There is no city on the hill

Whoa! Back up!

Of all the things that could convince the unbelievers of Christ’s interest one would suppose that reversing death or life, nullifying the effects of angels, principalities, powers, future or present things would top the list. God has not promised anyone an innoculation against tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword.

What killed Moses?

Who condemns us for not walking in the Spirit? Romans 8:1

Can you pray away the futility of life? Romans 8:20

It is good also that we keep the boundaries of authority in the right perspective because, unlike His Majesty at Mount Sinai, we are not commissioned to test the people. Our calling is to love as Christ loves, and neither fable nor miracle can turn a lie into the truth.

We are drinking the rushing and muddy waters of the ugly shepherds. Even when the messenger says that the message is “Christian” the line to Christ is blocked more often than not by imprecise slogans, unrelated verses, and the covetous pursuit of comfort and victory.

These are truly dark days. The voice of good shepherd is unmistakable and largely unheeded. The sheep need to drink in quietness, away from the miracle threshingfloor, and one cannot conflate his voice with any other’s. His message wakes the dead and pardons sinners. Eternal life does not include the comforts of this life. The cream of this life’s crop is fellowship with God the Father and that suffers no loss.

Incomprehensible peace