Kingdom without a King

The State of Israel burst onto the stage with not much of a flourish, even though it is claimed that the return of Jews to Palestine was a fulfilment of a host of divine prophecies.  The manipulation of its colonies in the Middle East by Great Britain seemed like a good idea to everyone except the people on the ground at the Partition of Palestine.  Even more disturbing is Jewish blindness to the nature of their new state, and the conflicting interests of  Jew and Gentile powerbrokers.  It defies explanation how Jewish leaders can still affirm the viability of Mosaic religion without the installation of its central components: ritual worship and the monarchy.  Israel without a visible king is a loonless loonie.

How much more misguided can a people be?  Israel is a poor facsimile of the entity envisioned by their true Monarch.  Israel needs to retreat, take time to evaluate its roots and branches, and arrive at the Branch that holds out the promise of fruit.

Jewish identity may sound like its source is Judah or Judea.  This would cover up the fate of the northern kingdom of 10 tribes which was exiled and dispersed following the sacking of the capital, Samaria.  A Judahite or Judean origin reveals the same dispersion, exile and sacking of the capital, Jerusalem.

The true origin of Jewish identity is Abraham, a man whose role as father of the faithful cannot be annulled by Mosaic tradition.  The temple is history and will be history if rebuilt.   Fulfilment of the Israelite family’s hopes rest with the one appointed to rule.  It cannot be the Chief Rabbi or some mortal Davidide.  Israel needs its king.  A Davidide and outward-looking king is Israel’s salvation.  Dependance on the United States or the force of arms is futile.

Israel’s elevation of Mosaic traditon over the patriarchal wisdom has put the modern Jew into an untenable position.  David and his son Solomon were willing to do the one thing a Jew is most reluctant to do, as long his teacher is Moses; include Gentiles in every aspect of life.  Every kingdom needs a king.  Watch out for the rabbinic discussions (and arguments) about Israel’s Davidide king and the unravelling of Mosaic Judaism.