Way past one bad apple

We keep hearing the representatives of police services, apoligists for religiius violence, and those who tactics are similar to life-changing police actions say the public’s rejection of police brutalty and criminal behaviour are the work of “one bad apple”. We have also seen how good apples cover up and excuse the actions of the the bad apples. We are so far past one bad apple that denying that the time has come for a disciplined look into police criminality and that it is time to change how police officers are supervised and disciplined is the result of sand-buried heads.

They act outside of law and are treated as above the law. Some individuals actually say and think that they are the law.

Zero-tolerance is neither Christian nor Judaic. We keep saying things like “never again” and “prevention is better than cure” without tallying up the recurrence of every kind of wrongdoing. Do we believe James (2:8) or do we take seriously the centuries of a tabernacle standing as evidence that there was never any covenant compliance?

Maybe we have not taken the exercise of mind power past repeating what pir leadars say. Not me! I draw the line as following the crowd when it comes to life, limb and loyalty. I’d like to think of myself as escaped from the perverse and crooked generation and you can too. They can call us opinionated or elitist but we know we have learned a different Christ from the masses. When they show us a Christ who allies himself with political parties of any ideology or religious persuasion we must believe our eyes.

Those are the really bad apples whose lifestyles and beliefs our Lord cautioned us to avoid.

When you look at…

Why do people think that saying the words on the page or screen is reading?  Maybe you think that saying popular and trending words improve your learning or appearance of being informed.  To make a point people will say “when you look at…” and the poor audience, without access to the mentioned source, is left without a path to a conclusion.  There are far too many people who say “When you look at” when they may not have seen the source and worse, stoking the flames of rank rejection of revelation.


“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.

Deuteronomy 29:29

Looking elsewhere is hazardous

Discrimination turned towards understanding

If you want to pretend that the reliable source of divine revelation is a seventeenth century translation of the Bible you are looking at … with glazed eyes.  I know hundreds of people who stand as clergy who think that competence to teach culminates with the gift of gab.  If you can talk you can teach.

The trashing of intellect

When I was a child I thought that English grammar was great, but French and Latin were way more interesting.  They had rules.  When I discovered that meaning was latent in the actual words of the Bible and that what the writer intended was often not produced in the popular translations a whole new world opened up for me.  Translations are still great for public reading, but the only way to be certain of getting past “looking at…” is to look into the written words in their original languages.  Anything else is likely to land you in the ditch with the blind leaders.

Slander the educated and idolize the ignorant

You have bought a good study Bible and you imagine that the insights you have gained from it arise from the witers’ survey of the offerings in the marketplace. That may be true of some but the average study Bible or commentary is created with the original languages as the source. It still amuses me to hear a gospel minister bragging about his low level of formal education. Whatever happened to the quest for excellence?

Let us not fool ourselves with the thought that we can repeat with any confidence the things said by Yeshua’s contemporaries.

Who knew? Who understood?

Jesus said to them, “Is this not the reason you are mistaken, that you do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God?

Mark 12:24

The Spirit will not give you things you can find for yourself. You can learn what to do from day to day but you cannot teach without learning. If you are not a sluggard there is a chance you can still display some nobility by selling a few things and buying the relevant tools so you do not depend on a semi-literate minister’s interpretation of a comment on a comment.

When you look into the facts intending to be guided by them you do not end up suggesting that people follow your application of your discoveries apart from the latent meaning in the words and their unique values as they appear.


At some point all the opinions we have about what God’s will is are going to be tested by what was actually written. Think about that and challenge yourself to be God’s child, longing for the least watered-down milk from Christ himself.

Unadulterated Nutrition

like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation,

1 Peter 2:2

Abuse in the secret place?

I am perfectly comfortable being asked in a church service to pray,  play, or preach, but I will only commend “for effort” those who take an opportunity to lead in prayer as a photo-op for pretense and abuse.

Read my lips – naymen

Thin ice separates the faithful from the presumptuous

You won’t catch me gleeful over something God is doing in response to a request more than gleeful about what God has done in Christ.  Sometimes I think that believers are on the walls watching for something to outshine the Lord’s passion.

If you get the impression that some people who are asked to pray see themselves as customer service representatives you are not alone. I have no idea where the idea (is it African or Russian?) of making the answer to prayers immediately visible comes from, but someone needs to ask for “no more stupid decrees, please”.

However, if two or three agreeing on a matter does not make prayer requests appear immediately then the request is either (a) off course or (b) the answer is already in place or (c) the answer is delayed. God hears every prayer but we shouod not think he is busy shuffling gifts around to match our desires. Believe it or not, God has a plan for each life and he can afford to be selfish because his self is totally – at a supremely high price – committed to helping humanity.

Whose decree is it when someone decrees what God has decreed?

We cannot decree something just because we want it. We do not declare things even when they are legitimate needs. I suppose we are waiting for a prophet or some similarly endowed person to declare the end of police brutality and discrimination. Well, get a prozac prescription. Father God is not Santa Claus, handing out gifts to the good boys and girls. Why go through the motions of asking God a question or asking him for today’s needs when one is going to (or can) simply decree and declare them (met)? Abuse is knocking at the door when prayer becomes a tool for something than a conversation between God and his people. Thank God for eyes to see that decreeing and declaring is pure and empty theatrics. It is enough to pray with confidence and wait with grateful hearts. Abuse in the secret place – prayer- is quite public. Please, think about stopping the drift from being in touch with God to scoring points with the audience.

Pompeo’s viral moment

In that “Old City”, the visual backdrop for the American Secretary of State’s political convention contribution, the state of Israel continues a criminal and sinful campaign to rid Zion of its citizens. That old city is where David built a tent for the ark; it is the place where holiness precluded the residence of an Egyptian princess.  It is a crime against humanity for Zion not to have Egyptians,  Babylonians,  Philistines, Tyrians (Lebanese) and Ethiopians and an abuse of privilege for the American Secretary of State to use David’s City as a backdrop.

Contemptible, despicable, and evil

Neither Israel with all its Torah soaked patriots nor the United States with its evangelical parrots can escape the zeal of the Lord of the armies. Neither technology nor psychology nor extreme prosecutions in the toolbox of these two these prostituting twins can avert the darkness than is about to descend on their unsuspecting citizens.

They are not watching the ball. They are stuck in traffic watching a broadcast about a traffic jam in their immediate vicinity. Pompeo has turned out to be a vacuous sycophant, enjoying the grandiosity of any viral moment, while he has nothing to say about the criminal enterprise that has been in the daylight since Ornan sold David the threshingfloor and since the pilgrims pretended to have been given the land of the First Nations of Turtle Island.


4) “I shall mention Rahab and Babylon among those who know Me; Behold, Philistia and Tyre with Ethiopia: ‘This one was born there.’” 5) But of Zion it shall be said, “This one and that one were born in her”; And the Most High Himself will establish her.

Psalms 87:4-5

Criminal enterprise is written all over the evangelical fornication with politics

Another brutal and callous attack on a Black life

The average citizen needs no investigation to conclude that a Wisconsin police officer just showed his criminal intent.  The authorities have to investigate the incident, but citizens have to investigate why there are no videos of white people being brutalized by white police officers.  I am interested in discovering the motivation that makes so many people of integrity oppose the reigning in of police powers and the redirection of taxpayers’ money to services that demonstrably save lives and protect people.

God save us from civic and religious leaders who reject knowledge!

Using the “three strikes you’re out” pattern police services should have long ago been brought under stricter civilian control.  But no! Governments, in addition to being afraid of sabotage by forces opposed (including the official opposition) and always facing the prospect of losing power have used the police services to intimidate and harrass all Native Canadians, and old and young Black Canadians. Now the religious people are shaking in their boots, because they have adopted police tactics – our pastors have become cops who can’t and don’t read the signs.

Law and order has got to be the most vacuous political plank. How does the snowball of less government survive in the hell of strict law and order? The White Paper and Royal Inquiry into the failure of religions have shown that law and order are – not God’s recipe for life and living – but the necessary protections for juveniles and the immature.

Black lives matter more than ever because the powers that be and religious people have conspired to create a western version of the Taliban and ISIS Caliphate.

The bigots in the political parties and organized churches cannot see the problem of bad policing because they never cared about women, the oppressed, and the marginalized except to have a miracle, a viral moment or photo-op.

Which part of the protect and serve mandate did that cop in Wisconsin read?

No possible alliance between Christians and the political parties

Sorry, boys. Salem’s king is not riding his donkey into Washington or Ottawa.

We knew that, but the miracle seeking, unrepentant, religious people are so easily duped it takes 4 years for them to see their image in the mirror.

if there is a religious alliance or some kind of awakening or catastrophe it happens “in the middle of the week”. The history of the United States, if aligned with 70 years of Israel’s exile, amounts to 3.48 cycles (244 years). Next year, 2021, will be the year to watch. It is the year “God bless America” gets exposed and the rain, long withheld, begins to fall.

The potus-stopping buck: facts

Cold and robotic hearts in the United States are crawling out of their freezers to perform their civic duty later this year. Among the slowly moulting 33% are the TV commentators who support the cruel criminal enterprise that potus45 heads up. The media figleaf that gave the gloating bigot in the White House a reality tv legitimacy is shrinking and what is left of it can be seen in the scarce Republican party members who can avoid conspiracy theories and false narratives.