Kingdom Shmingdom

To all the revelation, insight and vision that gets paraded before believers every weekend we give an open ear and a fertile heart, but too often we struggle not to shout out a bold protest and usually end up muttering “Kingdom shmingdom” as a shield against the fatal contamination of demonic doctrine.

Sabbath and law; circumcision and faith

At least a couple of Christian thought groups have figured that they can attract attention to a retired view of God and use that view to impress their audiences that they are in a class by themselves. One prominent retired view proposes that the gospel finds fulfillment in the kingdom of priests (or priestly kingdom). Another marches to the drum of a sabbath-law foundation. These two are shaky and full of holes because they contain the same rebellion against Christ that the allied scribes, elders and chief priests mounted in New Testament times.

There is no fear of God that saves people from sin. If it is the beginning of wisdom it ought to lead to repentance. If it is the door that opens onto life’s square it ought to lead to the one who gives life to the dead.