Republican senator calls Obama ‘timid and passive’ in response to protests in Iran – Yahoo! Canada News

Warmongering Republicans Critics of President Obama

Elbert Joseph, Sunday June 21, 2009

Republican senator calls Obama ‘timid and passive’ in response to protests in Iran – Yahoo! Canada News

Thanks to God, the Republicans still have their venomous throats and fangs!  Why don’t they just use them or call on the great GW of the Outhouse or Dick de Haliburton to voice their outrage at the Mad Mullahs of Iran?

Always outraged.  President Obama has embarked on a repair mission, something that the Republicans have not acknowledged, because they have not seen the damage that the last "’AD’ministration"  has done to not only the US but to the whole world.  They still think of their role as putting out ‘ads’ for the next election.   Just wait ’til then.  The world will see just how evil the Bush government was and the Republicans’ silence over GW Bush during the election is all the proof.   The Us cannot stand another governor – not after  GW Bush and the ill-fated Palin run.  The US needs a peacemaker, and I do not mean a revolver or some new-fangled firearm or weapon.

Democrats in the Senate say Obama has struck the right balance.

"He’s got a very delicate path to walk here," said Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut. "You don’t want to take ownership of this."

"The worst thing we could do at this moment for these reformers, these protesters, these courageous people in Tehran, is allow the government there to claim that this is a U.S.-led opposition, a U.S.-led demonstration," said Dodd, emphasizing Obama’s longer-term goal of engaging Iran over its nuclear program.

Will their next ad call for invading Pyongyang or China?  The Republican hordes need to revisit their schools and especially Sunday school so they can reorient their ads and attempts at policy  making to better reflect a nation under God.  Perhaps then they will see that regimes like Iran are in need of help and dialogue, not hateful and ineffective criticism.