Stop playing games with people’s lives

When a business fails the chances are that the owner survives.  We may miss the service but missing a service during a deadly pandemic is small compared to the loss of a child or family member.   It is almost without humanity that politicians talk about opening for business.   The world is not a shop; it is a home.  Let’s not let the opening of schools be another oops.  It would be nice if kids came back from the dead.  The science of virus spread is not a mystery and neither is the unrestrained wrath of families who keep losing members.

Cash vs Fool’s Gold

Extreme caution, cold calculations, and courageous actions are not the stuff of press releases or public briefings.  Those jurisdictions where coronavirus keeps coming back can be right now tagged for protest and denunciation.  There are morons handling the messaging of covid-19 management.   Thank God, it is not the politicians who decode the data or shape what citizens need to do.  We are seeing, for now, a readiness to spend unlimited amounts from the public purse,  with the stated goal of helping Canadians survive and keep essential businesses alive and safe.  There are people threatening to unseat the common safety and knowledge, parading a fool’s gold love of freedom as preferable to a common experience.  We are going to miss a lot of meaningful experiences that one foolishly seek to recapture and the loss of life is bound to increase.

The right to live in my 2 metre personal space will not be abrogated by people who want to believe that that virus will simply vanish like a miracle or by people who want to keep us living in fear and ignorance.  Among them, we will find , businessmen, politicians, pastors, and many average Joes.

The potus-stopping buck: facts

Cold and robotic hearts in the United States are crawling out of their freezers to perform their civic duty later this year. Among the slowly moulting 33% are the TV commentators who support the cruel criminal enterprise that potus45 heads up. The media figleaf that gave the gloating bigot in the White House a reality tv legitimacy is shrinking and what is left of it can be seen in the scarce Republican party members who can avoid conspiracy theories and false narratives.


Eyes are on the White House again with respect percolating for the institution! An election to compare with the upcoming contest is hard to find and the Democratic ticket is a far cry from the frenemic duo of the last 3 years.  Former Vice-president Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are individuals shaped by the common struggles and by their distinct embrace of public service.

The wild fantasy of a land free of the influence of non-Caucasian peoples just took a hit as the man who witnessed firsthand the evil heart of the Republican Party and the poverty of the newly invented Christian alliance as they insulted and opposed potus44 Barrack Obama for eight years.

The first woman of colour and the first person of South Asian descent to be on a presidential ticket gives a boost to the pride of people who have always looked to the United States. The American dream was part of my cosmos for a very brief period but I have so many strings attached to family and friends that my interest in America’s progress never falters. As a Canadian I can only watch with glee as the very fine racists and crooked businessmen hear their wakeup call.

The chances of another adulterous adventure with a half-dead businessman or some other unlikely hero stands at zero.

Where is the greatness?

We, living in the 21st century may say it is in the “bank”, in the generals and mighty men, even in the wise spokespersons of our times.  The great is not the entity calling the shots but the one who Carries pir the orders.   That’s right.   The servant.  The migrant and casual worker, the devoted parents holding down two or three jobs have more standing in the congregation of the righteous

The great and the greatest

For who is greater, the one who reclines at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who reclines at the table? But I am among you as the one who serves.

Luke 22:27

Logic, political and religious theories do not accept the notion in the questions of Luke 22:47 and the proposition in the affirmation of the Son of Man’s position in the disciples’ company.

It sure looks illogical to have the greater – the meizôn – doing servant work. The Greatest is incarnate not merely as master of all but also as true servant and enabler.

We were great when we were helping the poor and needy

We turned viciously the First Nations and locked ’em up. We closed our harbours to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. We neglected to give the emancipated slave his land and tractor. That is more animalistic than noble. We are now defending the fox’s rampage in the henhouse.

If Isaiah had a year to serve as prophet his service would have bookends as follows.

Isaiah’s observation – Day One

Your rulers are rebels and companions of thieves; everyone loves a bribe and chases after rewards. They do not defend the orphan, nor does the widow’s plea come before them.

Isaiah 1:23
Isaiah A to Z

The great and mighty have been falling with little sign that they can “get up”. “We have fallen” is a great place to start addressing the certainty of the fall from brisk business to empty cash registers.

Whether or not you think the United States is to be identified with the mega harlot the changes and the claim are similar.

Revelation of John 18:11 – business dries up

“And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more–

Revelation of John 18:7 – the navelgazing queen

To the degree that she glorified herself and lived sensuously, to the same degree give her torment and mourning; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning.’

Caring Canada Cringes

Premiers, police chiefs, and God knows who else thinks they are leaders are quick to say that Canada does not have racist structures. Not the prime minister: he of black face funignorance. One is either blind or corrupt not to recognize that in Canada’s history atrocities related to racism have shaped the country. The videos and stories of brutality and inhumanity will surface and the evidence will challenge the caring citizens of this country to cringe and do what civilized people do: renounce and withdraw from corrupt associations.

Not in my backyard

They swear that they have black or native friends or that their religion is against racial discrimination, but we have been surprised to find that institutions are riddled by ignorant and cowardly noisemakers. The RCMP and our local service agencies are getting a long overdue makeover.

  • Your church, mosque, temple, and synagogue
  • Your employer
  • Your car dealer
  • Your grocery checkout staff
  • Your health care practitioner

These are all condemnable. We can ignore the garments and medals these parties wear. Do not tell me “all doctors and lawyers are great guys and great public servants”. We are aware that the welcoming public signs and reminders of civility in these places may be pure sham. The time has long gone for a redemptive change.

Caribbean justice

It is still a matter of pride that Haitians rose from the bondage of the European slave trade to become the first independent state of dispersed Africans. The other path taken by our island nations has perpetuated the very tools of injustice that the colonial powers used. Aren’t they just another cog in the colonial gear box?

Holding our noses

The suicidal crew are so accustomed to presidential comedy that nothing in the excreta range registers any more. The ideal scenario for 45, the GOP and the DOJ would be for the population to stop listening while the things American governance stands for get pushed into oblivion. It is a phenomenon worth seeing: serpent tongues flicking to and fro, so much prey, strike ’em all. The land of the free looks more like one giant prison.

A great secular entity becomes a prison

And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird.

Revelation of John 18:2

Everywhere we look there are signs of decay. If we look we will see it. Every time we look southward we cringe because many think that Canada needs what the United States has. If our education and nurture is full of double speak and elitism we will neither care about the history we share nor cringe at the resurgence of corruption and deceit.

Black lives matter

When the King of the universe announced that Gentile lives mattered does any one remember what the fallout was?  Was there any reason for anyone to say “all lives matter”?  Our moral guide tells us that lying is abominable and the American legislation that makes lying to the FBI a crime is the glory of the bottom of the civilized barrel.

Watered down to vanity

The standards of justice have been a word game for most of my short life and the biblical record shows an early departure from philanthropy and hospitality.    The biblical narratives show that even when cautions abound about the treatment of servants and foreigners the oppression permeated society all the way to the exile of Judah.  Humans have been more interested in their finances than in the liberties provided in law (Jeremiah 34:8ff)

The fallout of getting the Gentile mission under way was the absurd attempt to turn the church into an imitation of Judaism.   Paul talks about it as a “thing sneaked in” while Peter talks about it as “a dog returning to his vomit for seconds”.  The lives of Gentiles are valuable without comparison to Jewish lives.   The lives of Africans are valuable without comparison to other lives.

“All lives matter” is the opening salvo from people who want to deny the fact of  their own virulent cowardice and are ready with talking points that do not address their own fingers dripping with the pie of superiority and discrimination.  Next on their agenda is “blame the victim”: Black people are responsible for their plight. Perhaps there is a story about the oppression of White people by people of African descent.

We can imagine that these “All Lives Matter” activists were never “Black and Proud” and were never convicted about the abuse of Black people. Listening to them talk about blackness is not a great use of our time. If they had the liberation of Black people on their front burner they would generate a set of proposals instead of finding fault with various expressions by leaders of Black Lives Matter. They are the hot air outfit; mercenaries for the misguided evangelical caliphate.

When we say “Girls deserve to be educated” and you tell us “Boys deserve to be educated” whose side are you on?

The pooper scoopers

The sycophants are more unhinged than the bigot himself. The trade adviser calls 45’s insensitive idiocy about slowing the pace of virus testing “tongue in cheek” but 45 says he was not joking. The attorney general tries to fire an attorney by publishing a “letter of the attorney’s resignation”, then comes up with a letter of termination from 45, a involvement disowned by 45 shortly afterward.

That is lot like defending a non-existent (and irrelevant) levitical priesthood.

Unprincipled people will sell their souls to pick up the poo even when there is no poo.

A mouthful of feet

There is a foot in the mouth when the subject is justice for Africans

For many people in Christian leadership there is just no sense of justice beyond that of the state’s. The pot pourri of Christ’s teaching and Mosaic legacy cannot address the plight of Africans. We are infected with a virulent version of the fatal disease that we recognize as Gentile harassment and ignorance of the truth. In plain sight James tried to circumcise the church and failed, yet most churches have a similar hypocritical barrier policy.