Governor-general resigns

Canada’s Vice-regal Head resigns facing a report that she tolerated a toxuc workplace.  His Honour David Only weighed in, addressing the resignation and the hoops he, a political science grad, jumped when he was appointed.  Madame Payette’s celebrity, based on her expertise as an astronaut and her “engaging” personality turned out to be a toxic mix, falling short of Canadian excellence.

Privileged persons and humanity

Canadian law applies to all Canadians and yet we see both provinces and individuals constantly trying to find exemptions from law for themselves. Our first prime minister stumbled on this very point. This is a lesson resisted by many in elevated positions, many of whom see themselves as untouchable and almighty, forgetting they are still human.

Let’s hope and pray her experience provides her an important lesson in humanity and humility.

Israeli Passover shenanigans revealed

Truth without justice is a specialty that has been around since we organized ourselves into clans and tribes with competing interests.   Even when the wise and powerful try to put in place the practice of remembering the means of escape from Egypt it eventually included recognition of the divine name and real estate. Two things were not included that would become essential for accepting the full counsel of Yahweh’s passover, the monarchy and the temple. When animal blood runs in Jerusalem as a national happening, requiring the approval of the modern state of Israel and the approval of a foreign power it is time to get the goods from the horse’s mouth.

We want to find ourselves a part of Moses’ grand contribution to fellowship with God, but order, sacrifice, and equity have become victims of rotten salesmanship.

Preparing to take a deeper dive

Accordingly, the Sanhedrin sent a request to President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu to be permitted to offer a sacrifice for the sake of the world and for the purpose of ending the pandemic.
“Mr. President, you and Mr. Netanyhu can immediately install the right values and laws for the entire human race and all of creation in this world by letting Israel obey the laws of the Torah of Israel which requires us to sacrifice the Passover lamb,” the request reads.


Since when does the Jewish people need permission from a foreign power to do anything. Setting aside the big lie of New Testament times that says “Jews were never in bondage” (sounds like “Britann rules the waves, Britons never shall be slaves”). In an attempt to wake what God has put to sleep some segments of Jewish society are planning to perform temple rituals on Passover, as if God was going to be impressed with ritual.

For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, And in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

Hosea 6:6

Scramble to disown the obvious

Not one soul has tried pointing the finger at the alliance that is responsible for the 45th president’s election. It seems that the poor megalomaniac is taking the blame for the corruption in the world. Identifying the persons in the seditious mob and to whom they were listening is easy. The lies, hatred, and the thefts belong to those with a record of the same.  There seems to he no mirror  – neither divine law nor human models – for self-examination in the homes of certain people these days. 45 is a mere puppet and that is why he needs to appear in charge of everything and try disown, in concert with his Christian allies, even the obvious.

Seditious folly

The church and its leadership are equally sedition-prone.  The vast majority of Christians have discarded Yeshua as the absolute ruler of the church, and they openly reject the task of equipping the saints to do ministry.  How many saints do we know that have been given the tools to do what the leaders do?  It is clear that many are accessing the apostolic messages after they have been chewed, and spit out by someone else.  Apart from their confession that they have had an encounter with the Risen Christ – which we respect – they have no eyewitness credibility. They have put in his place their own apostles, prophets, prelates, bishops, and must be recognized as vegetarians who cannot get enough flesh to eat. There is real paranoia about the church losing, dying or in one way or another suffer debilitating attacks. They have such a poor estimate of the church’s progress and destiny.

Fresh food and fools gold

The gap between the New Testament Christ and 21st century Christians has been growing as on every continent idols and ignorance about what Christ did and said increases.

Catholics and Protestants are responsible for the monster that attacks every decent standard and ignores the cries for justice.  The ordinary citizen knows that morality is more than a set of rules, especially rules that can be changed.  Our Christian citizenship binds us to the Messenger of the Covenant, not to the law and the prophets.

Do you have any idea how people are ordained as ministers of the word who can barely read their own language? That problem is addressed with English grammar. This is what church has come to. Savage wolves ravaging the flock.

Not one person in the seditious mob has admitted to being guided by a Democratic official, all confess that they were following potus45, an incorrigible criminal and puppet of the evangelical churches.

The moral centre of spiritual life is not law, prophets, Church practice, and secular law.

Surpassing righteousness

“For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:20

Pushing Yeshua aside for a tryst with the arm of flesh will dimishes Christians credibility. That is like Israel’s help from Egypt, at one time approved and necessary (Genesis 15:13 50:20), but prohibited in Israel’s later history.

The folly of secular help

Good luck may attend the search – in  the 21st century – for Christian morality but the cross stands undisturbed and invincible as absolutely redemptive of the lost and fully supportive of those who have eternal life.

More from the edges of the swamp

Here is another sample – two blocks – from the dark web. They think everyone who sees their corrupt shares and the shallow pool in which they swim is in league with them.

Founders of ISIS and identifying demons

Chat groups revelling in the mire

Villifying the mainstream media humans

Chat group participating in advocating jail

Should the difference between human and demon appear many chat groups would also vanish, but far too many people passing themselves off as activists and kindergarten bullies.

Too bad, forgiveness is not a Judeo-Christian virtue. Let everyone pardon the 45th president of his lies, mayhem, incitement to sedition, and homicide. Where Moses says “Die”, Yeshua says “Go

All the mindless and Christless tropes gobbled up

GOPaper lions and capers stop

The centuries of trying to keep segments of society blind, homeless, destructively employed or unemployed, out of the halls of power do not need pardon or forgiveness,  only a speedy and public end.  A nation that shed blood for the right to call Black men “boys” must confess that (a) the perfume they have been spraying everywhere masks reality and (b) admit that  they in the shed and cannot find the toilet paper.  The seemingly endless capers of toothless lions bragging about defeating ants and commiserating about not finding health care for all, and not seeing homes for all under the spacious skies, does roll to an abrupt halt.

Impartial counsel is beyond most leaders.   It takes a great deal of discipline to establish excellence, a great deal of humiliation to achieve superiority, and a great deal of optic disability to create a culture of lies.  The state defines the limits of what people can say and where they can say those things.   Just because people are talking about excellence, superiority and deception does not mean that they have taken the medicine.

Remember Mitt Romney “Trump’s a fraud” or Ted Cruz’s savage denunciation of the orange threat, other senators expressions of disgust with the 45th president?  It is going to give you whiplash if what politicians say tops your list of things to feed your joy and safety.  Please remember too the watchmen – religious leaders – who said nothing or the wrong things about the corrupt use of power, the thefts, the trashing of trust in public service, and the divisions sown by the 45th president and his party.

The whole European narrative of persecution, flight, discovery of new lands, settlements and pioneer genius has been a smelly concoction that kills both the ones telling it and the ones who are essential to the story. “Go, paper lions” I say, “and park your capers where the sun shines a lot or not”.

Unity more important than dying

In his Christmas message Prime Minister Justin Trudeau predicts that when the pandemic is over Canadians will be stronger and more unified.

There is more than wishful political thinking in the statement. If Canadians do not unite to insulate themselves from the covid-19 virus many will not know what the end looks like. Canadians will also lose their strength if they do not isolate themselves from the madness of American style politics and religion. The official opposition in Canada is traditionally on a shaky and decaying bridge and its contribution to the strength and unity of the nation had better not be hard to find.

People are strong when they work together. People prove their togetherness when they listen to and care for one another.

Chaotic narcissism will define the remaining weeks to the Biden administration

There are people hoping that the misfiring 45 will find a way to undo his defeat. Pastors praying, decreeing and declaring the dawn of the evangelical utopia are a sign of the delusion that has gripped the globe. Even if all the judges were extremist conservative bigots there would be no Christian nation and no righteous revolution.

Tumulty and Brooks on PBS Buffalo, peering into the remaining weeks until the Biden-Harris administration, forecast chaos and narcissism. I wholeheartedly agree. A thick cloud of wrongdoing has been on display since 2016 and it has been clear all along that the GOP and its leadership are worse than farm animals in not recognizing their owners.

45 has no peacemaking bones in his body and his love is clearly totally directed to himself. The chaos may reach beyond the borders of the United States and so let us, everyone, sound the alarm wherever you are!

The evangelical playbook ripped

The phony revolution concocted by Newt Gingrich and Jerry Falwell led to the election of a corrupt and incompetent businessman to the highest office in the United States.  Allied with shady religious denominations and super churches the goals of the founding fathers got tamped down under the rise and glorification  of greed, nazism and racism.  The whole world sees now that the popular labels – conservatism and liberalism – amount to a little hill of lies. The book is wide open, its pages covered with the dust of the lowest endeavours of humanity.

We have seen in the trumpettes little of the nobility that the world needs. They need their own truth, country, and special God. These valuables have been mere idols that have resulted in the sickness that excites simple and itchy ear people.

Twenty days after the election, after the 45th president suffered over two dozen losses in court, the president-elect can finally get to the business of governing and 45 can go back to his tax-cheating hobbies. The Christians who support the GOP can say amen and let the leaders lead. They need a new playbook.