Religion on the Lam

Got something to hide?  Then the best advice would be to stay out of sight and earshot.   Privacy and openness are important parts of the same roadway.  Couples struggle to define the boundaries of the private and the public.  Countries are usually at a loss to explain their flips and their flops.  Why is this?  All the whole constructs of human progress and stability have begun to fsall apart because people are demanding answers and personal participation.  While governments seem to have the ball in their court they have rather poor records of being open and transparent.

This is why Christian services are wide open events.  Our teachings  are very public.  Anyone is welcome.  Islam has recently begun proselytizing using the media, but Judaism remains secretive and self-centred.  That may be by divine design, since interest in Judaism has always been negligent, and Islam’s millions are a function of societal coercion.    Islam and Judaism have converted few.  There are no throngs of Canadian people, young or old,  joining Islam or Judaism.

Religion has gotten a bad name  and some retreat or defence is now inevitable.  A recent (early 2011) BBC documentary skillfully traced the source and content of grade school education for Muslims in the United Kingdom back to the Saudi Government.  The funding, and content were confirmed to be Saudi.  When confronted with this information the Saudi embassy denied the connection.  What was not clear was why the UK government was not aware of the criminal content on the curriculum.  Undisguised hatred and myths about non-Muslims were the prominent features of the textbooks.

Hatred is acknowledged by most humans as unacceptable but when hate is made to appear as a virtue someone had better start bringing out the handcuffs.  While some western governments have enacted legislation against hateful speech the perception is that only Christians are guilty and only Jews are the victims.

The BBC documentary brings to light the shocking lengths to which Islamic leaders have gone to cover up the fact that Islam has some fatal flaws when it comes to neighbourliness and respect for human rights.  Most of us in Canada do not have Muslim friends, but we share workspace with men and women who are evidently sociable and decent.  The CBC  sitcom “Little Mosque on the Prairie” has probably convinced many Canadians that Muslims are (already) integrated into Canadian society, but along with Muslim-Canadian silence on the escalating violence against innocent people in Islamic republics the possibility that Canadians children are being taught to hate, shun, and discriminate against any one who is not a Muslim is a cause for concern.  This would be criminal behaviour and should be recognized by Muslims as immoral.  But alas,  there seem to be few Muslim heads in that space.

Before bringing out the handcuffs, Canadian education authorities need to take a close look at Jewish and Muslim currricula and warn Canadians about the dangers lurking in both school, mosque and synangogue.

There ought to be no shock here.  Jewish foundations are based on the demise of the Egyptians, destruction  of Canaanite cities, and despising Gentiles.  Bigotry is never far away, but religion does not have to be on the run.  Christianity has always urged Canadian society to open doors to everyone, even though somewhat slowly and reluctantly.  Religious Jews and Muslims are mortal threats to the kinds of freedoms everyone claims to cherish.  So is this a time for the investigations? Is this a time for deportations to begin?  Let the religions that thrive on hate run, all the way back to their homes.